In five years, all companies will print digitally: Dr Smyth

By 22 Oct 2021

The second in the webinar series by PrintWeek-HP Indigo, which aimed to uncover real possibilities in commercial printing, was 20 October 2021 with Dr Sean Smyth, a print consultant with Smithers Pira, who shared insights on the latest trends and future of the Indian commercial print industry.

Dr Sean Smyth

Dr Smyth was joined by the HP Indigo team – Ashok Pahwa, business manager-commercial, HP Indigo, India and Sri Lanka, Gaurav Chadha, business manager-commercial, APAC and Japan and Chulsan Shim, regional commercial category manager, HP Indigo APAC and Japan. Together the team will showcase how HP Indigo presses can become that vital cog in a company’s transformation.

During the webinar, print pundits urged the print agencies to wake up and challenge clients' perceptions. As an industry, have we become over-obsessed with spreadsheets?

Watch the recording of the webinar.





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