PrintWeek's Forty Under 40 is an annual event that will recognise and celebrate the exceptional achievements of young professionals in the print and packaging industry in India.

Everybody talks about favourable demographics and a growing young population. Today, 66% of the country's population is below 35 years of age, with 40% of the population in the age bracket of 13-35. Which is why, PrintWeek and WhatPackaging? magazine decided to doff our hat to the young entrepreneurs who are changing the game.

Forty Under 40 will highlight the rising stars who have transformed the industry with their innovative ideas, technical expertise, and commitment to excellence. By showcasing the remarkable accomplishments of these individuals, PrintWeek aims to inspire and motivate others while providing a platform for young talents to shine.

What are we looking for?

We are looking for people who have inspirational print / packaging stories. People who have contributed to the business and have achievements which are success stories. People who are passionate about helping to drive the industry forward—not just in terms of business success but also in terms of the welfare of the people working in the industry, in terms of making the industry welcoming to people currently excluded from it, and in terms of making their communities and the world better places.

Successful nominees will have proven successes in the past 12 months, a strong trajectory in their own careers, an ability to lead others to perform and an ability to inspire the rest of the industry.

  • Age: Nominees must be under the age of 40 as of the nomination deadline.
  • Demonstrated Excellence: Nominees should have a proven track record of outstanding performance in the field of print and packaging.
  • Innovative Thinking: Nominees should have demonstrated the ability to bring fresh perspectives and innovative ideas to the industry.
  • Leadership Potential: Nominees should exhibit strong leadership skills and have the potential to make a significant impact on the future of the print and packaging sector.
  • Contribution to the Industry: Nominees should have made notable contributions to the growth and development of the print and packaging industry in India.
  • Social Awareness: Nominees who have shown a commitment to social responsibility and sustainability in the print and packaging sector will be given special consideration.
Entry Process
  • Nominations: Nominations can be submitted by individuals themselves or by industry peers who recognise the exceptional talent and potential of a young CEO or business leader or professional.
  • Submission:
  • 1. Online registration.
    2. A comprehensive profile of the participant (minimum 500 words) highlighting their achievements, contributions, and impact on the print and packaging industry.
    3. The submission should also include any supporting documents or testimonials. These may include copies of project reports, photographs, testimonials of clients, relevant department heads and so on.
    4. The application must carry a no-objection certificate from the company's top management / business owner.
    5. A high resolution photograph of the participant.

  • Deadline: The nominations for PrintWeek's Forty Under 40 event will close on 15 August 2023. Late entries will not be accepted.
  • Judging: There will be online polling after the review process is done by the PrintWeek team.
  • Announcement: We will be showcasing the achievements and contributions of the selected honorees in the month of November.

Reason for the Awards:

PrintWeek's Forty Under 40 event aims to celebrate and honour the young leaders who are transforming the print and packaging industry in India. These talented professionals embody the future of the industry, combining technical expertise, innovative thinking, and a deep understanding of market trends.

By recognising their achievements and providing a platform for their work to be showcased, PrintWeek and WhatPackaging? aims to inspire others and drive the continued growth and success of the print and packaging sector. These awards not only acknowledge the outstanding achievements of the honorees but also serve as a testament to the potential and possibilities within the industry.

What makes a good entry - Forty Under 40?

The Forty Under 40 entry will show us that the person nominated is indispensable to the company they work for.

We will understand what they have done to make them a key player in their team and/or the wider business. Print and packaging metrics and business results you can provide as evidence are important here.

The Forty Under 40 entry will make it clear that the candidate goes above and beyond the demands of their job description, both in terms of their own company’s business and in the wider sense of helping to take the industry ahead. We will take into consideration a candidate’s background and the effort and perseverance required to reach their goals.

The Forty Under 40 entry will show us that the nominee is an inspiring person to work with, however this manifests itself. We should get the strong feeling that we’d want to work with these people if we could.

Testimonials from colleagues (industry colleagues), and especially from customers and clients, from all stages of the nominee’s career, will be looked upon favourably. We appreciate entries that are well-written and concise, with clearly laid-out information and specific, concrete examples of achievements by the nominee.


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