Essel Propack introduces tubes for sanitisers

Lamitube specialist, Essel Propack, has introduced tube packaging for sanitisers to ensure essential supplies are delivered to brand owners on time during the coronavirus pandemic.

11 Apr 2020 | By Abhishek Muralidharan

Tube packaging for sanitisers to ensure adequate essential supplies

As a market leader in laminated tube packaging, we are pleased to offer our tubes, which are a suitable solution for packaging germicidal hand sanitisers in times of the coronavirus pandemic,” the lamitube specialist posted on a social media platform.

Essel has introduced a range of different solutions and packs to cater to for various sanitiser formulations and usages, as a suitable choice for sanitiser packaging. And claims that It is equipped to produce the tubes with faster turnaround times.

The company also mentioned that its Research and Development teams have worked in-depth with different manufacturers and formulations to ensure that the products remain safe and fresh till end-use.

“During this period in which members of the community require food, healthcare products and other essentials for consumption, we are working through our global network to deliver safe packaging to brand owners across categories like pharma and health, food and home care,” the post added.

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