Seekho aur Samjho technical workshop

The Seekho aur Samjho technical workshop series, the sixth session on UV inks was held on 4 July, at the Government Institute of Printing Technology, Mumbai. The workshop focussed on UV technology and its uses and application in printing. During the three-hour session, Prashant Atre, managing director, Toyo Ink Arets, discussed in detail about the latest technologies of UV curable inks. Atre said, "UV is not a printing process. It is a curing/drying technique, which can be applied to any

13 Jul 2015 | By PrintWeek India

The session helped the students and printers connect with the latest in technology at the global level and also grasp the nitty gritty of UV-based printing technology.
He explained that the UV process is independent of the type of substrate used and also the printing process.