Video Story: Fujifilm expands the possibilities for Indot

Indot Photo Book owns two Fujifilm Acuity Advance Select flatbed UV inkjet printers. One in Chalakudy, the other in Chennai.

18 Apr 2017 | By PrintWeek India

Sushil Kumar of Indot Photo Book was hunting for a solution that would help expand his photo album business – and he was encouraged when he saw the Fujifilm Acuity Advance Select.

Indot is headquartered in Chalakudy in Kerala. The parent company, Indot Color World is a five centre operation for photo albums with centres in Chennai and Pune, as well as multiple collection centres across Kerala. Ever since the firm invested in two Fujifilm Acuity Advance Select machines, there is bullishness in the air. This flatbed UV inkjet can print on any substrate – plastics, wood, acrylic, glass, board, metal, ceramics, textiles, carpeting, and more.

Operations at Indot on the Acuity Select are an eye opener. Commercial printers print on paper. Packaging converters extend it a bit more. But Indot raises the bar with an array of finished products.

Today, Indot is a leader in photo album production and photobooks. The company reigns supreme. Sushil Kumar, managing partner of Indot says, “Leading photographers seek customised and unique products, based on their themes for the wedding/ event. So they have been approaching us for better finished products.”

Sushil Kumar considered many technologies and machines from a number of manufacturers but settled on the Acuity as it is ‘specifically engineered for flatbed and produces the print jobs beautifully’. “What I really wanted was to find a machine that would allow us to print directly on a rigid substrate, while also producing a similar quality to what we could get from fine art printing processes,” says Sushil Kumar.

One innovative job Indot created had a texture effect, and was printed on 4mm multi wood with the Fujifilm Acuity Advance Select. They first printed with white ink which was unleashed five times followed by one varnish layer. After which the CMYK colours were applied. This makes the print job resemble a realistic painting – a favourite for luxury homes and posh interiors.

Sushil Kumar says, “Apart from the fact that it is high quality, the Acuity is also saving us on labour time and materials involving lamination and sticking prints onto panels.” There is quite a buzz in the market about what the Acuity is capable of producing. INDOT’s customers are not only for photo albums, but also for posters, framed photographs as well as customised bags and album covers.

One of Indot’s album cover has an engraving effect gelled with gold media and a coating varnish for the letters. “Only with this one investment, we have been able to do various things in the photo industry,” adds Sushil Kumar.

The Acuity is ideal for creating an embossed design. Indot has produced a job with eight layers detailed on ink on the micro-text. Sushil Kumar says “Earlier this was not easy to create. Now I can print directly on acrylic.” This is a ‘hot’ design at Indot with a base black colour along with a combination of white ink.

The number of albums and art objects Indot produces is staggering. Sushil Kumar says, “Everyone now realises, we not only produce photo albums, but are also very creative with print. This has been possible only because of the Acuity Advance Select.”