Shubhankar Digital invests in EFI Fiery for fast production

Delhi-based Shubhankar Digital & Print Media has installed the Fiery IC-415 digital front end in its Konica Minolta C71hc and swears by its fast ripping and superior colour correction capabilities; and ranks it a high eight out of ten for performance.

23 Mar 2017 | By PrintWeek India

This is a story of growth. This is a story of change. This is a story of believing in the future and working towards realising it. 

A professional photographer, Rajiv Kumar Gupta inherited photography from his father who had set up a trading business in 1974, importing products from Orvo, Agfa, Foma and being a stockiest for Hindustan Film Photo Company, a government enterprise.

Gupta took over the business from his father and ran it for a while. As his two sons, Shubhang and Karnam, grew, Gupta says he realised that the trading business was not enough, especially if he wanted to grow and secure a future for his sons. Add to it his dedication to photography and a photo printing business was but a natural choice.

Thus, Gupta invested in a Konica Minolta C71hc and Shubhankar Digital & Print Media was born around two years ago in Delhi’s Kamla Nagar area. Gupta started the business with Umesh Agarwal, who is now the managing partner at Shubhankar. Today, the company is an importer, distributor and channel partner in digital print media and digital press.

Talking about first, Gupta says, Shubhankar is the first company to have an EFI Fiery server in a Konica Minolta C71hc. EFI offers two digital front ends (DFE) for Konica Minolta Bizhub Press C1070/C1070P/C1060/C71hc – the external Fiery IC-308 based on the FS150 Pro software platform and the embedded Fiery IC-415 based on the FS150 software platform. The kit at Shubhankar has Fiery IC-415. According to Gupta, with the Fiery, colours come corrected and are not bright unnecessarily. He adds that with the Fiery, if you need you can make the colours brighter. You can get natural colours too.

It was not an easy transition from being a trader to a printer, but “since we are in trading for the last four decades, we could defeat the obstacles,” says Gupta, “Now, we are a full-fledged printing company.”

His own background as a photographer giving him an edge, the company is naturally targeting the photo album segment. Besides, Shubhankar is also focusing on garments, restaurants and weddings. “Our focus is to provide complete printing solutions for weddings, from printing invitation cards and printing photo albums,” says Gupta.