Skyscreen’s Zhongyi special effect UV varnish

The Zhongyi special effect UV varnish has more than 300 users in India. Rushikesh Aravkar finds out how the range of special effects from Zhongyi enables its customers to enhance the print quality.

17 Jul 2013 | By Rushikesh Aravkar

Anil Brahmbhatt, managing director at Mumbai-based Skyscreen, says, “Spot UV, not only has the effect of highlighting a particular part of the design, but also it provides the additional visual stimulus of having varied textures on a single printed surface.” Skyscreen represents Zhongyi in India.
Zhongyi special effect UV varnish is a product from China-based Zhongyi Ink and Paint Company. In 2011, Skyscreen, the Mumbai-based manufacturer and supplier of screen printing consumables was appointed as an exclusive distributor of Zhongyi varnishes in India. Since then, the company has more than 300 users in India. Meanwhile, Skyscreen has extended its support as the sponsor for the Screen Printer of the Year category at the annual PrintWeek India Awards.
“We deal directly with over 275 printers while the rest are catered through our distributor network,” says Brahmbhatt. Some of the key users of Zhongyi UV varnish include New Jack Press, Art in Art, Pragati Offset, Jasmine Arts, Nova Publications etc.
Range of special effects
Brahmbhatt says, “Zhongyi UV varnishes are formulated especially for commercial printers to provide them with a range of special effects and textures on multiple substrates such as paper, paperboard, PVC, BOPP, polycarbonate, wood material, metals etc.”
When Brahmbhatt explains the product catalogue, the wide gamut of special effects that can be achieved using Zhongyi varnish is impressive. It includes gloss, ice or snow, golden abrasive, strong abrasive, bubble, crystal, refractive, matte, wrinkle, convexity (3D) etc.
The ice varnish is usually printed on colour substrates. The cured icy varnish has the character of low odour, good adhesion and fold resistance. It is suitable for high grade packaging printing.
“The USP of Zhongyi varnish is its good flexibility and adhesion, though stronger UV power is required to ensure thorough curing,” adds Brahmbhatt.
Spot UV is generally a screen printed process and hence according to Brahmbhatt selecting a right kind of mesh is critical part while using Zhongyi varnish. Brahmbhatt says, “The number and space of the mesh, printing speed and pressure are the important factors in determining the printing effect. It is recommended to print at high speed using advanced screen printing techniques and use monofilament meshes from Nittoku for screen printing process,” says Brahmbhatt. Skyscreen provides the users with all the specifications of screen mesh and squeegee to achieve right kind of effect. Brahmbhatt adds, “This is required because selecting the right mesh size plays a vital role in applying a fine layer of varnish on the substrate.”
For instance, in order to achieve best results with Zhongyi gloss varnish, a monofilament screen with 300-380mesh size and 13-15N/sq-cm screen tension has to be used. Also, a squeegee with 65-75 durometer solvent resistance blade is recommended for use.
According to Brahmbhatt, certain effects such as wrinkle effect will be affected by moisture content of the substrate surface and surrounding humidity. He says, “If the paper contains plenty of water or it is high in humidity when printing, it may cause the phenomenon of mildew or bad adhesion and to counter this the substrate must be dried thoroughly before printing and moist surroundings must be avoided.”
“The Zhongyi UV varnish can meet printing requirements of most of the paper, but retesting should not be neglected. In case of uncoated substrates, a two pass screen application will provide a good performance,” says Brahmbhatt.

Shelf life 8months
UV Curing two 5kW UV lamps
Package 2kg/5kg/20kg
Contact  Skyscreen India
+91 22 24021144
Service support
Skyscreen has its warehouse located in Mumbai which houses a stock of upto one tonne of various grades of varnishes. The varnish is available in 1kg, 5kg and 20kg buckets. The shelf life of Zhongyi varnish is eight months when stored at 5-25 degree celcius.
“Whenever we place order to Zhongyi’s parent company in China, we receive the delivery of freshly made varnish within a period of six days. Thus we are able to provide our customers with a prompt delivery in 24–48 hours. This has been our strength,” says Brahmbhatt.   
Skyscreen has its offices located Delhi, Mumbai, Tirupur and Ahmedabad and hence it is able to provide a prompt after-sales service to its customers. Brahmbhatt adds, “We have trained technical persons deployed at each locations and hence providing technical support for our customers becomes easier.”
Brahmbhatt says, “When we realised that due to the space constraints offset printers hesitate to have an inhouse screen printing set-up, we decided to provide them with ready to print screens. We have a complete screen making set-up at our Mumbai and Delhi locations where we make screens for the printers.”
Customer speak – New Jack Press
The Mumbai-based commercial printer, New Jack Printing Press has been using Zhongyi varnish for last three years. Saubhagyanidhi Seksaria, director, New Jack Printing Press, is impressed with the quality of effects that it provides. When probed why he prefers Zhongyi varnish, he says, “There are two reasons: reliability and Skyscreen’s service.”
He further adds, “For us, Zhongyi varnish is a tried and tested product. It has an extensive range of effects and textures with excellent touch and feel.”
“In terms of delivery and service, I think Skyscreen beats its competitors. It always supplies the product at the committed time and has never let us down in last three years. In case of urgency, the company has delivered the varnish overnight,” says Seksaria.
New Jack Printing Press uses Zhongyi UV varnish for brochures, catalogues, wedding cards, calendars etc. Seksaria adds, “We printed the New Jack Calendar, which employed various special effects using Zhongyi UV varnishes. This print job was recognised with Asia Print award and National Print award.”

The Alternatives
Colors UV varnish
The speciality UV varnish from Colors can be used on variety of substrates such as paper, paperboards, PVC, BOPP etc. They can be used for packaging cartons, magazines, business cards, brochures etc.
Shelf life 3months
Mesh 120mesh size
Contact Colors
+91 022 66663239 / 66101039