Product of the Month: Vinsak TPS 1160

The new Vinsak TPS 1160 thermal CTP platesetter from Creed Engineers is capable of advanced optics and precision engineering to offer high productivity and exceptional consistency, reports Rushikesh Aravkar

31 Jan 2013 | By Rushikesh Aravkar

With printers beginning to realise the benefits of CTP in providing quick turnarounds and discarding the need for film imaging and platemaking, the Vinsak TPS 1160 is targeted at small and mid-sized commercial printing firms and process houses.

Gurgaon-based Creed Engineers, launched the Vinsak brand of pre-press solutions in 2012. Sankarshanan Anantham, vice president at Creed Engineers, says, “We wanted to provide end-to-end solution to the print industry. The Vinsak brand of products is targeted to serve commercial offset printers and service bureaus that seek reliable solutions and deliver good reproduction quality.”

The Vinsak TPS 1160 thermal platesetter was demonstrated for the first time in India at Interprint Expo 2012 where Creed Engineers showcased its pre-press strength. The machine has been installed at New Delhi-based Jagruti Process.

Sankarshanan says, “The platesetter leverages the well proven thermal imaging technology that provides tonal uniformity across the plate. The advanced optic technology enables fine registration of one colour over other during printing.”

Speed and addressability

Producing 24 plates of 800x1030mm size at 2,540 dpi per hour, one of the main strengths of the machine is its speed. The 8-up platesetter, TPS 1160, is powered with 64 channels of infrared semi-conductor laser with 830nm wavelength. “This enables you to image with an absolute peace of mind,” says Sankarshanan.

The platesetter has a provision of operating at two cylinder speeds: 900 rpm and 720 rpm; which can be used depending on the size of the plate being imaged. “The throughput varies based on the size of the plate,” adds Sankarshanan.

It can handle maximum plate size of 1,160x940mm and plate thickness of up to 0.40mm. While most commercial print firms use 175lpi, the TPS 1160 platesetter images at a high addressability of 2,540dpi and is capable of producing 300lpi AM screening as well as 10 microns FM screening.   

It is equipped with the robust Harlequin RIP and offers an easy to use workflow. “TPS 1160 is designed to produce sharp and accurate dots with precise imaging. Precision in repeatability is the key benefit that a user will see working with this machine,” observes Sankarshanan.

Working principle

The platesetter has an external drum design. The plate is wrapped around the external side of the drum, meaning that the imaging head gets very close to the plate.

The working of the external drum machine is pretty simple. You load the plate into the drum where it’s punched and then the drum spins around allowing the diodes to image the plate. The loading of plates is done manually.

Sankarshanan says, “A PC-based software forwards the digital image to the front end, which creates a raster data and sends it to the imaging head of platesetter. With the help of this raster data, the imaging head fires a series of dots onto the plate to create the desired image on plate.”

The working of TPS 1160 makes it easy for the operator to produce a press ready plate. “An operator with either previous experience in CTP or CTF is an ideal candidate to handle this device,” says Sankarshanan.

The operator has to impose the signature and release the file to the platesetter, which images a final ready to load plate on press, when attached to an online bridge and a processor. The finished plate can then be taken to the press immediately thereafter, thereby saving considerable time, and money.

According to Sankarshanan, the key components of a platesetter are RIP, imaging technology, mounting system, speed of the cylinder, lens, particle collector, optics etc. In addition, the electronics, and the build of the machine also contribute to its robustness and hence its dependability. “Owing to the advancements in mechanical, electrical, optics and precision engineering, the platesetter delivers consistent results eliminating the human element through the process,” says Sankarshanan.

Vinsak plates

Creed Engineers also provide Vinsak thermal plates: Marathon, Sprint and Pace. Vinsak Marathon thermal CTP plate, which is well suited for commercial, packaging and newspaper printing, offers an excellent long run length of 2,50,000 impressions per plate. For even longer runs, baking it delivers up to one million impressions per plate.

In addition, Vinsak Pace thermal plate is suitable for commercial jobs. It offers a run length of approximately 45,000 impressions per plate and 1,00,000 impressions when baked.

The Vinsak Sprint thermal CTP plate suits the practical business conditions of most commercial offset printers. It offers a run length of approximately 75,000 impressions per plate and 1,50,000 impressions when baked.

Training and support

The machine is easy to operate. Creed Engineers provides three day onsite training course for the operators during which Creed Engineers’ field engineers equip the operators with standard operating procedures and do’s and don’ts for operating the machine. 

In addition, Creed Engineers has a nationwide coverage of well trained service team for any hand holding or trouble shooting. “We have essential parts in stock in the event of a need to replace a part. The combination of service team and stocks plus a properly trained operator should enhance customer productivity.” 


Exposure system: channels of infrared semiconductor laser
Architecture: External drum
Loading type: Manual loading
Max plate size: 1,160x940mm
Min plate size: 510x400mm
Max imaging area: 1,130x886mm
Min imaging area: 510x386mm
Resolution: 2,540 dpi
Screening:    AM: 300 lpi        FM: 10 µ
Speed: 24 plates per hour (800 x 1030 mm imaged at 2540 dpi)
Weight: 1,400 kg
Agfa Avalon N8-20S/N8-50E

Avalon N is a platesetter with a reputation for solid  dependability  with a full assortment of automation options and many productivity options such as internal punching also available.

Max plate size 1,160x940mm
Max imaging area 1,160x924mm
Resolution 1,200-2,400dpi
Speed 22/23 plates per hour
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Fuji Luxel T-9500 CTP NS

Combining a 64-channel multi-exposure system, Luxel T-9500CTP NS enhances productivity, realising high-speed output of 23 B1 thermal plates per hour at 2,400 dpi.

Max plate size 1,160×940 mm
Max imaging area 1,160x916mm
Resolution 1,200-2,540dpi
Speed 23 plates per hour
Contact Fujifilm India

Kodak Magnus 800

Kodak Magnus 800 platesetters, with new advanced features, provide exceptional productivity and efficiency to meet the needs of both small and large commercial printers. They offer speeds up to 62 plates per hour, a modular design for easy scaleability, and various plate options.

Max plate size 950x1,163mm
Max imaging area 938 x 1,163 mm
Resolution 2,400/1,200dpi
Speed 18/28/38/45 plates per hour
Contact Kodak India

Screen Platerite 8600 E/S/Z

The PlateRite 8600 are standard thermal CTP platesetters that output B1-size plates. The PlateRite 8600Z and PlateRite 8600S feature a 64-channel light source that makes it possible to output a blistering 22 plates per hour on the high-speed rotating drum.

Max plate size 1,160x940mm
Max imaging area 1,160x924mm
Resolution 1,200/2,540/4,000dpi
Speed   14-23 plates per hour
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Suprasetter 105

Equipped with extremely reliable technology the Suprasetter 105 offers maximum production capability. It provides maximum flexibility through seamless integration in the Prinect workflow with a free selection of the screenings.

Max plate size   930×1,140 mm
Max imaging area 1,160x916mm
Resolution 2,400/2,540 dpi
Speed 15-38 plates per hour
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