Kolbus perfect binding

The Chennai-based educational book printing firm purchased this 12-station gathering and 32-clamp binding perfect binder to ensure swifter turn-around in the finishing department

23 Feb 2012 | By Sachin Shardul

Describe your company?
Multivista Global is a leading state-of-the-art print house located in Chennai. We specialise in the art of manufacturing educational books. We are one of the preferred print vendors for leading educational book publishers in India and globally namely Oxford University Press, Pearson Education, Infinitas Learning, etc. 

What does the system do?
We purchased a brand new Kolbus in 2007 with a feature of inline gathering, perfect binding and three knife trimming facility. Hence a book can be gathered, perfect bound and trimmed at one go. However the system is also designed to individually use gathering, perfect binding and three knife trimming stations separately. Hence we can run three different jobs simultaneously. Gathering process has 12 stations, and perfect binding has 32 clamps for binding. 

Why did you choose this particular system?
As mentioned earlier it provides flexibility, increases the throughput time and reduces the inference of manual operations in book finishing process. 

Did you look at any other similar system?
We wanted this system from Kolbus right from the outset. 

Why did you make the purchase?
Our main market focus is on the educational sector (domestic and international market) where turnaround times and quality are paramount requisites. We knew this system would help us achieve both. 

What features do you particularly like?
We like the entire working style of the machine. We particularly like the form-reader censor feature in the gathering stations, which ensures accuracy in gathering process and avoid missing of forms, and in-correct forms being gathered. 

Is there anything you wish it had that it doesn’t?
We sincerely wish it had a lower power consumption requirement. Plus the availability of spares at a much cheaper price. 

How fast is it?
The speed of the machine is 8,000 books per hour and we are able to run it at around at 6,000 books per hour. The speed again depends on various factors like the thickness of the book, block signatures, and the quality of the cover board being used.

What’s the quality like?
Quality is very good in the machine. Training is imperative. Once the operators are trained to use the intricate features of this machine then it is quite easy to get a high level of quality from this machine.

How reliable is it?
We are always fond of German technology. Though this machine is more electrical and electronic in nature it is quite reliable. 

How easy is it to use?
The machine has a lot of intricate features. The operators need to be constantly trained on the machine. Once this is done it is quite easy to use. Again planning makes a lot of difference while operating this machine. It is always easier to run jobs of same size than run three to four different jobs in a day of different sizes. 

How much time or money has it saved?
It is quite difficult to mention the exact monetary/time benefits. However we have increased our capacity in book binding. We are able to bind around 60,000 to 70,000 books in a day. We are able to bind whatever we print in a day without much back-log.

Would you say that it offers value for money?
It does, provided there is optimum utilisation of this machine. 

Were there any difficulties experienced during the installation or after?
It did take us some time to understand the nuances of operating this machine. Since it is technologically well advanced we took time to get the best out of this machine. But now we are beginning to reap the benefits. 

What about the pre- and after-sales service?
We wish machinery suppliers could take a leaf out of Heidelberg’s book and commence a training academy in India. This is one area where we feel there can be some improvement.

Who do you think the system is right for?
This machine is apt for printers who have requirement for binding books in mass volume and at internationally accepted quality levels. 

Under what circumstances would you buy another?
We will look at this at our next phased expansion plan. We need to strengthen our print capacity further to look at purchasing one more Kolbus.


Founded in 1974
Clients: Oxford University Press, Cambridge University Press, Penguin
Specialty Book printing
Location Chennai
Equipment Heidelberg [one each of CD 102, SM 102(4-colour), SM 74, SM 102(2-colour)], a 2-colour Roland Parva, Ryobi 920s, a Heidelberg Supra Setter CTP, Stahl folding machines, Polar cutting machines, Muller Martini stitching and sewing machines, an automated Kolbus online soft cover line
Staff 700 plus 140 associates in the printing division


C M Pillai, regional manager of Indo European Machinery, says: “The advanced automation level of this 8,000 books per hour with 32-clamps perfect binding system puts it on par with much faster machines when it comes to job change-over times. This makes it ideal for the medium- to large-run operations where efficient makeready can make a big difference to the bottom line. Multivista Global is one of the leading print houses located in Chennai which specialises in educational books. This Kolbus perfect binding machine has special features, particularly the form-reader censor in the gathering stations, that ensure accuracy in gathering process; and in-correct forms being gathered which has proven to be of great benefit to the firm.” 


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