Top job: Parksons Packaging

Company Name: Parksons Packaging

24 Jul 2015 | By Mugdha Gangoli

Year of Kongsberg installation: The first Kongsberg table was installed in 2001 followed by installations in 2004, 2007, and 2010. The latest Kongsberg V series was installed in 2014.

City of installation and print action in the city: We have installed Kongsberg at four of our print units – Mumbai, Daman, Chakan, and Pantnagar for producing folding cartons.
Configuration: Mumbai – XE10, Daman – XL20, Chakan – V series, and Pantnagar – XE10.
Type of jobs on the Kongsberg, thus far: We were able to produce paperboard folding cartons, 3-ply fluted cartons ranging from B-flute to E-flute and varnish blankets for offset printing. It is much more than just a sample making table.
Plans for next year: The organisation is planning to upgrade its shopfloor. A replacement is also in the pipeline.
A line about Kongsberg: Kongsberg is an innovative solution for achieving customer delight and improve production efficiency. We are proud to be associated with Kongsberg for over a decade.
One top job for a top brand: Carton of Cadbury Glow.
Describe why it’s the best: The product is a premium carton with high graphic effects. Even after the pack is opened, the aesthetic appeal of the product is well maintained through its innovative display.