Top job: Jayna Packaging

Company Name: Jayna Packaging

24 Jul 2015 | By Mugdha Gangoli

Year of Kongsberg installation: April 2007
City of installation and print action in the city: Mumbai for producing display packs
Configuration: Kongsberg XL-24

Type of jobs on the Kongsberg, thus far: We design POP and POS on XL-24. Both runs on short delivery time and have small-lot production for which XL-24 is the best solution
Plans for next year: We don’t have any concrete installation plans yet
A line about Kongsberg: The die-less cutting and creasing table has excellent performance. It provides automation, high productivity and outstanding precision. It is the pioneer in converting the POP and POS application by using only the corrugated material 
One top job for a top brand: Cadbury 
Describe why it’s the best: With excellent creasing and cutting, we were able to produce give smooth cuts even on the corrugated board. Brilliant graphics and design further accentuated the aesthetics