Top job: ITC

Company Name: ITC

24 Jul 2015 | By Mugdha Gangoli

Year of Kongsberg installation:  The first Kongsberg table XL20 was installed in 2004 followed by the latest installation of Kongsberg V series in 2014.
Which city and what is the print action in that city: Both the Kongsbergs are installed at our units in Chennai and Haridwar for supporting packaging development.
Configuration: XL20 (Chennai) and V20 (Haridwar).
Type of Jobs on the Kongsberg, thus far: The cutting table is used for prototyping and packaging development.
Plans for next year: No plans at the moment.
A line about Kongsberg: Kongsberg reduces the time required for finalisation of structural designs. We are able to create prototypes that are sent to customers for approval. This process enables customer to see formed cartons and finalise the dimensions in drawings without the need for testing on bulk production machine.
One top job for a top brand: We use it only for prototyping for customer approvals. No commercial job gets produced on Kongsberg.
Picture of the top job and one line about why it’s the best: Prototypes help us save time and cost for testing on production machines.