Top job: Colourmate Digital

Company Name: Colourmate Digital

24 Jul 2015 | By Mugdha Gangoli

Year of Kongsberg installation: 2012
City of installation and print action in the city: Kongsberg was installed in our units in Delhi NCR and North India for POPs and display cut-outs
Configuration: Kongsberg XN-44
Type of Jobs on the Kongsberg, thus far: We use XN-44 for producing sign and display cut-outs, POP and POS. It acts as a specialist in the cutting of foam sheets, Kappa sheets and 3D displays for various agencies.
Plans for next year: The company’s future plan includes upgrading with a new Esko for textile cutting and 3D carving.
A line about Kongsberg: Kongsberg is a multi-specialty finishing equipment. It is easily upgradable according to our requirements and accomplishes work done by almost 10 workers
One top job for a top brand: Display cut-out for Tuborg.
Describe why it’s the best: Kongsberg XN-44 designed a very smooth cut-out of tuborg. Also it operates fast and helped us reduce labour cost.