Made in India: Colorjet Softjet Grand

This high-quality aqueous grand-format printer can print more than 100 square metres per hour and is an idle solution for mass production, reports Anand Srinivasan

14 May 2015 | By Anand Srinivasan

New Delhi-based Colorjet’s new launch Softjet Grand (SG) is the company’s step towards environmental friendly technology. Softjet uses aqueous inks and polyester-based fabrics which can be recycled.

According to Smarth Bansal, brand manager, Colorjet India, “Consumers have now become more aware of the effects that everyday chemicals have on the environment and their own health. This new-found consumer wisdom has led to the demand of more sustainable and eco-friendly solutions. Advertising and promotions are required for the growth of any business but the constant use of such hazardous material can lead to an unhealthy environment and therefore internationally soft signage is now becoming widely popular."

With this in mind, Colorjet released the Softjet Grand model in the market. Launched in SGI Dubai 2015 in January, Colorjet claims SG to be a game changer in the digital soft signage market. “Its extra size of 3.2 meters combined with the use of harmless water-based dispersed inks for direct-to-fabric, allows the global printing companies to quickly get new customers, increase their business opportunities and profits,” says Bansal.
Grand comes with the latest industrial grade inkjet printheads with 1024 nozzles per colour that results in printing speeds of up to 110 sqm/hr. "Thanks to its expanded colour gamut and eye-catching colours guaranteed by Colorjet inks, SG can provide richer colours and colour-fastness. Water resistance, and the production speeds are also a great value addition for Colorjet customers," adds Bansal.
SG allows the users to produce soft signages and flags without using paper and without wasting even a drop of water. Adding to this Bhansal says, "customers' and operators' experience is improved by the use of water-based inks that are non-toxic and odour-free."
Designed and built based on soft signage print technology, the heat fixation machine allows Grand to handle printing and colour fixation at the same time. The post processing machine controls heating temperature and speed, according to ink coverage.
Aimed at agencies and print service providers, Grand offers a wide variety of eco-friendly and innovative branding opportunities. Another advantage is that the light-weight properties of fabric makes the printed media easy to handle and transport, thus saving time and labour.
The typical applications for the machine include flags banners, tents, buntings, standing, backdrops, exhibition panels and displays, and many more customised applications which are only possible in case of fabric.
The USP of the machine, as Bhansal claims, includes direct-to-fabric printing, eco-friendly, high saturated colors, and the grand format of 3.2 meters print width.
SG comes with proprietary RIP software along with specially developed AIVC technology for consistent print performance by maintaining constant jetting conditions even in varying environmental situations. It helps in reduction in cost due to the light-weight property of printed media which is easy to handle and transport, and further reduce the application time and labour.
SG comes with high-tech features like inflatable rods for uninterrupted media loading, variable drop technology for sharper images, automatic wiping system for consistent head performance and gives a boost the productivity.