Buyer's Guide on Folders

The presence of automatic folding machines on the shopfloors is increasing, thanks to the emphasis on finishing in pharma and growth of direct mailers and digital printing volumes, Sachin Shardul investigates

14 Dec 2011 | By Sachin Shardul


Dynamic post-press is now a reality thanks to JDF. Activity in post-press, especially the folders for inline automation has been growing in the past 12 months. There are different levels of automation available. Fully automatic machines enhance makeready times. Short- to medium-length runs rely on set-up being made as easy and speedy as possible and can take advantage of job programs to double the machine’s capacity.

In India, the major players include names like Vijuk, Stahl, GUK, Welbound Worldwide’s Diploma folder, Pratham Technologies’ Superfold, Horizon, MBO, Morgana, Technifold and Duplo.  

Joe Vijuk, president and CEO of Vijuk Equipment, says: “We started installing our patented outsert systems in India in 2004. Many customers are finding that our outsert systems are the best solution for supplying required information to consumers worldwide, and also the least expensive when all factors involved are considered.” 

Imported pre-owned machines constitute a major share of folding machine sales in India. The user tries to decipher and then compare various aspects of pre-press and press, and often disregards the study needed to be done before choosing a folder. The emphasis is on size, brand and year of manufacturing.
Focus on skills
Investing is one thing, training is quite another. Finishers have been focusing on ensuring that the staff are fully up to speed on the latest kit. Herein, most manufacturers and suppliers offer training and in-house support for customers.

 “We have seen an increased demand for our training services on existing folder installations, as customers seek to get the most out of their current equipment,” explains P Sajith, director marketing at Welbound Worldwide.

Which is why Welbound has been conducting road shows. 

New product
Vijuk launched new outsert system MV-11 with three knife unit which folds outserts up to 210-panels. This is 23% more than the previous models, giving 23% more copy space for easier FDA compliance. Its modular design allows to start with a double knife system to fold up to 170 panels or a single knife system to fold up to 110 panels and later upgrade by adding a unit or two. The system can be configured as required by job. All MV-11 systems fold down to 29 mm X 29mm and fold inserts and outserts 15% thinner as compared to previous models. This enables saving on storage and shipping with thinner outserts, and they are easier to handle manually and mechanically. It is equipped with double-sheet ejection system, feeder setup recall, and intelligent jam detection. The speeds are up to 14,000 cycles per hour.

Pune-based Pratham Technologies has launched the PGV-VF-DX-615, a new folding machine. This machine is equipped with a suction feeder and can handle a wide range of papers. Datta Deshpande of Pratham Technologies, says, “Our focus on folders has been in sectors where we could add value. The folder is specifically designed for integration with packaging lines. This machine can be detached from the parent machine and can be used as a stand-alone machine.” t

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