Autoprint FineCoat

Swadesh Sharma of Indore-based Atharva Packaging says the FineCoat is ideal for the precision coating requirement of packaging customers.

10 May 2013 | By PrintWeek India

What does the machine do?
It can perform full and spot (UV and aqueous) coating on thin and thick papers in the range of 60-450gsm at a speed of up to 5,000 sheets per hour. The coating machine can handle a minimum sheet size of 10x12 inch and a maximum of 22x32 inch.           

Did you look at any other similar machines?
Yes I did, but finally zeroed on the FineCoat 80 as it meets our coating requirement.
Why did you make the purchase?
To meet the coating requirements of our print jobs in the pharmaceutical industry, mono-cartons and labels in particular. It is ideal for precision coating that is required for packaging jobs. 
What features do you particularly like?
The size of the FineCoat and the anilox roller coating – apart from being operator friendly. 
Is there anything that you dislike? 
The speed, which is on the slower side. 
Is there anything that you wish it had that it doesn’t?
I wish it could do blister coating, it would have been an added advantage.
How fast is it?
It runs at an average speed of 3,000-4,000 sheets per hour.
What’s the quality like?
We cater to the pharmaceutical sector where the quality parameters are very high. With the help of the FineCoat, we are able to match those parameters. The machine has given good results.
How reliable is it?
Very reliable. But it is a machine. And like any other machine it needs timely maintenance and service. 
How easy is to use?
The operating system is not complicated, hence it is operator-friendly and on an average you need only two operators to run the machine. It is quite simple and easy to handle.
How much time or money has it saved?
If we had not invested in this machine, then we would have to outsource the job. This would mean piling up jobs and transporting them to the outsourcing vendor. This investment has saved us time and money on transportation and payment to the vendor. It has also ensured quick turnaround of jobs. 
Has it won you any new work?
Yes it has. Being UV coater, it has replaced the old lamination process and has increased our productivity and quality. Our delivery schedule too has improved.
Would you say that it offers value for money?
Yes, definitely.        
Were there any difficulties experienced during the installation or after?
No problems as such because we did our homework and planned everything in advance.
What about the pre- and after-sale service?
Autoprint has been providing good service since the time we initiated our association with them following this purchase. We are satisfied. 
Who do you think the machine is right for?
FineCoat 80 would be ideal for mid-size printing units which carry out packaging and commercial work. 
Under what circumstances would you buy another?
I would buy one more FineCoat only if I plan to expand. 

User’s verdict
Speed 2/5
Quality 3/5
Reliability 3/5
Value for money 4/5