Me & My: Maxima Exb 35

Company Name:Yamir Packaging

24 Jul 2015 | By Noel D'Cunha

Key person: Hyuma Mahadevia, executive director.
Model & Configuration: Maxima Exb 35 capable of die-cutting at 5,000sph.
Year of installation: 2008-09.
City: Bharuch.
Why Maxima? We looked at the machine built, precision and speed of achieving even cutting, machine vibrations, serviceability, and price point to quality. Furthermore, it costs about one-fourth of imported machines and gives about half the production for my length and kind of jobs. I am sure you can see the profit here.
Production record: Maximum achieved in a day is 80,000.
About Maxima: We are happy that we had installed Excel Maxima die-cutter. This machine is excellent. It has a fantastic size. It can do all jobs of 74cms size and about 80% of 102cms size. The machine is sturdy and we have made a good investment in this machine. After sales service is also excellent.
Future plans: A lot in the pipeline but nothing decided yet.