Me & My: Maxima Exb 35

Company Name: Dayal & Associates

25 Jul 2015 | By Noel D'Cunha

Key person: Samir Dayal.
Model & Configuration: Maxima Exb 35 capable of die-cutting at 5,000sph.
Year of installation: 2013.
City: Pune. The decade from 1999 to 2009 was the golden era for the print industry. Large investments were made during this period to level the demand-supply skewed curve. But now, there is stagnancy in the demand for commercial printing, but packaging printing, however, has a potential to grow.
Why Maxima: Reliability in terms of accuracy, build auality, productivity, after-sales support and cost were the major factors that tilted our decision in favour of Excel’s Maxima machine.
Production record: Approximately 30 lakh impressions so far.
Commitment you could fulfil: We recall punching 4000-5,000 sheets of art paper with much effort and wastage. But now, we are able to clock over 20,000 sheets in an eight-hour shift. Our customers appreciate the quality and faster turnaround times by placing more orders.
About Maxima: I will just say that all our apprehension about an Indian machine not performing as well as their foreign counterparts have been laid to rest after installing the Maxima.
Future plans: Although we have a straight line folder gluer, we plan to go in for a good Folder Gluer with crash lock bottom pasting.