Me & My: Bobst Novacut 106E

Company Name: RS Print Solutions

24 Jul 2015 | By Rahul Kumar

Key Person: Kapil Tanwar, director.
Model & Configuration: Bobst Novacut 106E.
Year of installation: 2015.
City: Kundli, an industrial area in Sonepat district of Haryana, a book printing hub, which is expanding into packaging printing, especially rigid boxes. 
How has the kit benefitted you: We run boards from 220 to 400 gsm on the machine without any problem. It has reduced our turnaround time and we can do more jobs now. Thus, productivity has increased.
Production record: Not as such but we do 55,000 sheets in our 12-hour operation time.
Commitment you could fulfil: We are capable of meeting any demand that comes to us from our customers.
About Bobst: We are really impressed with their after-sales and client services. Bobst machines are really user-friendly and a few days of training of a newcomer is enough to run the machine. It’s an excellent business partner.
Future plans: We are planning to invest a printing press to meet our metPET print production demand.