Me & My: Ambition folder-gluer

Company Name: Shree Pack Containers

24 Jul 2015 | By Rahul Kumar

Key persons: BM Rai, his son Rohan, and Darshana Mhatre.
Model and configuration: Ambition folder-gluer with auto-lock bottom.
Year of installation: 2014
City: Vasai.
Vasai is a growing printing hub. “When we established our company in 1990, there only one 22 print companies. Today, there are 250+,” says Rai.
Why Ambition: We were looking to automate our manual folding-gluing system, and were looking at a system that could double our output. Depending on the size of the product, the machine can produce 30,000 cartons an hour. Besides, we can now do lock-bottom cartons as well.
Production record: Not as record, but we consistently produce 4-lakh cartons per day.
Commitment you could fulfil: Quite a lot.
About Ambition: “I would say, we dedicate Ambition for committed supplies,” says Rai.
Future plans: “We are installing a Heidelberg CD-102 four-colour plus coater. Our next target is adding a Bost die-cutting kit to our finishing portfolio,” says Rai.