Zund to showcase modular products with performance across the board theme at Drupa 2024

Zund has announced that its main goal at Drupa 2024 will be to help customers digitalise and automate their value chains, making them more competitive. At the event, Zund will showcase multiple digital cutting machines, including its new Q-Line generation of cutters with a board handling system, BHS180, and an integrated Undercam optical capturing system.

17 Apr 2024 | By Noel D'Cunha

Zund Q-Line cutter with board handling system can cut up to 2.8 mtr/sec

The Q-Line with BHS180 is ideal for non-stop industrial production. According to Lars Bendixen, segment manager at Zund, this new machine redefines performance limits and improves production efficiency compared to traditional die-cutting. "The Q-line substructure is made from mineral casting, ensuring smooth operation and optimum cutting precision, even when working at high speeds. The beams are made from carbon fibre-reinforced plastic, making them lightweight yet strong and enabling precise cutting of challenging materials at maximum speeds."

Zund will also showcase other digital cutting machines in its portfolio, including the Zund S3  and Zund G3 cutters. The G3 cutter incorporates Q-Line with BHS180 technology. With the optional Undercam optical capture system, the board-loading extension allows for semi-automatic board feeding, job identification via QR code, and registration during production. "This significantly increases productivity, particularly in cases where cutting and creasing are done on the reverse side of the board," explained Bendixen.

At the Zund booth, visitors can experience live demonstrations of the Robot PortaTable 130, which empowers users to control robots and automatically pick and sort finished parts. The visualizing option provides the operator with visual assistance when removing cut parts. Software solutions ZCC Zund Cut Centre and Caldera PrimeCenter will also be showcased, helping users optimise the production process before, during, and after cutting.

Finally, attendees can see the compact models in Zund's cutter portfolio, the Zund S3 cutters in action, and a digital textile micro factory at the Textiles Touchpoint in Hall 4 and the Canon booth in Hall 8A.

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