Zund introduces board handling system for industrial applications

The new version of Zund's board handling system BHS150 can handle a stacking height of up to 1.5m (five feet). The BHS150 is capable of managing a range of materials owing to its modularity and can be customised as per the customer needs.

03 Oct 2018 | By Sujith Ail

Prasanna Venkatesh, managing director of Zund India, said, “Customers can now maximize the potential of a fully automated finishing workflow. The 1.5 m (5 ft) stack height, combined with high production speed and minimal setup time, significantly enhances finishing productivity and profitability.”

Along with the BHS150, the production line includes a G3 or D3 digital cutting system and a load and off-load unit that accommodates a maximum stack height of 1.5 m (5 ft). This setup significantly extends uninterrupted production time and makes high-volume finishing highly efficient and economical. 

The cutter configuration with BHS150 comes standard with a table extension. This enables loading material while the machine is still cutting. The load unit can accommodate more than one sheet or board at a time, which assists in cutting surface for applications involving smaller pieces.

According to Zund, the BHS150 setup is quick and easy. An integrated registration system captures the printed QR code and retrieves the corresponding file information. This permits stacking different jobs and processing them automatically.

“The BHS150 is designed for use with Zund G3 and D3-series cutters. The D3 with dual-beam technology can potentially deliver up to a 100% productivity increase over the G3 single-beam system; therefore, the BHS150 combined with D3 provides the ultimate in productivity,” added Venkatesh.

Up to three different processes can be used for any given job without interrupting production for tool changes. The BHS150 is used for corrugated and honeycomb board, carton, and foam materials. The production line can handle material thicknesses up to 11 cm (4.3 in).

Cut sheets/boards are transported via conveyor belt and stacked on a palette. Because of the way this process works, bridges for holding cut pieces in place can potentially be eliminated, depending on specific job requirements. This facilitates separating cut pieces from waste, saving time and money. Full pallets can be removed while production continues uninterrupted.

“The BHS150 significantly contributes to reducing cost and increasing overall productivity, which in turn enables a very quick return on investment,” added Stefan Lang, head of sales and marketing, Zund.

The BHS150 was recently launched at Fachpack, a tradeshow for the packaging industry in Germany which was held from 25-27 September 2018.