York Print invests in Robus die-cutter

Kamrup, Assam-based York Print has recently invested in a die-cutter from Robus India.

20 May 2024 | By Rahul Kumar

The unique feature of this machine include the ability to complete jobs in one pass

Ashim Kumar Mehra, director, York Print, said, “We tested Robus for our existing machines, and I must say, the company has an experienced and large service team. Our market research revealed that it received the maximum number of orders from repeat clients. Additionally, upon visiting its parent company, we found that it has an efficient and cost-effective design and manufacturing facility, with innovative options or modules for converting machines. Based on these factors, we have decided to choose Robus India.”

York plans to execute foil stamping plus die cutting or micro embossing jobs with high accuracy and minimal manpower on this machine. “This machine allows us to handle applications that our current setup cannot accommodate,” Mehra said.

He added, “We have many machines from other brands. However, as per market norms, whenever a new technology emerges that sets you apart from others, we must try to adopt it. This is why we have purchased the Robus double platen machine with hot foil.”

This machine features a double platen, with each platen capable of exerting a 600-tonne cutting pressure with hot foil capability. Moreover, it offers the option of four-side stripping. Each station of this machine operates with an individual servo control system, resulting in reduced maintenance costs, minimised manpower requirements, and decreased wastage.

The unique feature of this machine include the ability to complete jobs in one pass, including hot stamping plus deep embossing; hot stamping plus die cutting plus stripping and deep embossing plus die cutting plus stripping. Another important feature is the patented servo prevision control system, which can easily handle gripper bar registration issues.

Prem Vishwakarma, MD, Robus India, said, “We didn’t need to convince York Print about this machine. As a market expert since 1968, the company possesses a deep understanding of technical aspects. We simply shared the machine profile. York's aim in acquiring this machine is to deliver precise jobs unmatched by others. Its primary concern was avoiding registration issues during foil stamping and die-cutting, a concern this machine effortlessly addresses.”

So far, Robus has installed approximately 148 to 150 die-cutting machines in the Indian market.