Xeikon launches virtual innovation centre for wall decoration

Xeikon is set to launch an exciting new virtual advisory service using a unique 3D visual browsing experience. Responding to the dramatic increase in online exploration printers seek for new and creative ideas, Xeikon’s new virtual platform creates a unique user experience. It will become the ultimate advisory hub for printers and converters searching for the latest innovations and advice on everything digital. The first 3D rendered showroom will be dedicated to wall decoration. This will become a unique online space for the company to demonstrate its digital production portfolio of hardware and software for these creative and fast-moving markets.

19 Mar 2021 | By Rahul Kumar

The 3D visual browsing experience provides everything printers need to know

The new and innovative 3D visual browsing experience provides everything printers need to know about digital print production, including

  • A comprehensive selection of different types of applications and digital printing solutions
  • A wealth of ‘know-how’ and in-depth advice on how to get started when considering digital production
  • Background information on the many different and varied markets and segments that Xeikon covers
  • In-depth knowledge from the experts on digital production workflows and automation tools
  • Access to a full set of materials on Xeikon’s service and training programmes

Dimitri Van Gaever, market segment director for graphic arts, said, “We are seeing continuous growth in the number of wallpaper printers and large-format print service providers looking at digital wall deco printing. But also, adjacent businesses such as architects, interior designers, retailers and in-store communication professionals are looking for creative ideas and want to explore the possibilities of digital printing. In the last few years, this market has already been experiencing a fast moving transformation and this evolution has not impacted by the current pandemic circumstances but it is actually accelerating. Therefore, our first virtual showroom contains our wall decoration suite and is designed to ‘bridge the gap’ and connect the physical world to the virtual world.”

Danny Mertens, Xeikon’s corporate communications manager, added, “Our new virtual showroom experience follows a set navigation path through Xeikon’s machine hall where visitors will find all they need to book a demo, access and download product brochures, watch a selection of videos as well as print samples on ‘seetheproof.com’. Users will have easy access to connect with Xeikon’s product experts. Content will be regularly updated and there will be facilities to download the latest information on the power of dry toner technology, technical specifications and the latest product updates.”

He concluded, “Our advisory service is an integral part of our offering. We know that a successful and cost-effective investment works best after consultation at all levels. The drive to customisation is extremely high in many areas in which digital production is the key technology. Xeikon will also use these tools during our ongoing programme of live events to ensure customers have a consistent supply of information at all times. With over thirty years’ experience, Xeikon has an in-depth understanding of all digital technologies and we are looking to further build on this platform for other markets.”

To access the service, visit Xeikon and register for free access.

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