W&H India installs Heliostar II at Meghna Prints, Bangladesh

W&H has installed its first and most advanced rotogravure press, Heliostar II at Meghna Prints in Bangladesh. Future-ready for smart factories running at 400-m/min, this makes the fastest printing machine in Bangladesh.

05 May 2021 | By Rahul Kumar

The Heliostar II at Meghna Prints, Bangladesh

After the installation, Meghna Prints has experienced maximum profitability and intelligence with fully integrated Procontrol/Vision, which facilitates operator friendliness and single-point operation for real-time information and performs quick changes. Our customers experience maximum profitability and intelligence with notable automated features such as driven inking roller, which helps in achieving higher print consistency. The Vision System offers intelligent, intuitive, and fully integrated web inspection and a 100% defect detection system. The Easy-Sync/Heliocontrol equips Meghna for superior register setting/ control, strongest dryers in the market, with superior rinsing and wash-up system.

Md Harun Or Rashid, senior general manger, Meghna Group, said, “We admire the machine performance for its top-notch quality with unparalleled speed of 400-m/min and uptime performance. The Heliostar printing machine exceeds all our expectations.”

Anuj Sahni, general manager, sales and marketing, W&H India, said, “With the Heliostar installation, we have set the precedent for high capacity presses of 400-m/min and above with fast job changeovers. Our Rotogravure presses are capable of handling highly critical applications, with high precise register accuracy for demanding substrates and low contrast ink and varnishes.”

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