Westland Books launches new imprint, Indie Press

Westland Books, one of India’s leading trade publishers, has announced an autonomous publishing imprint, Indie Press, which was earlier known as The Write Order Publications.

21 Feb 2024 | By PrintWeek Team

The Write Order Publications has been a steadfast supporter of writers since its inception in 2017. Indie Press, as an imprint of Westland Books, will continue to publish writers in English and other Indian languages.

The strategic and operational integration is designed to provide authors with enhanced support in every step of their publishing experience. It is testimony to the publishing house’s commitment to providing authors with a robust platform to showcase their talent and take their work to a wider readership. The new name and logo of Indie Press have been chosen carefully, to foreground its core values and its adventurous publishing spirit.

Gautam Padmanabhan, business head, Westland Books, said, “The decision to rebrand as Indie Press and integrate with Westland Books is part of our strategic evolution and is meant to enhance the publishing experience for both authors and readers. This collaboration allows us to leverage the strengths of Westland Books to provide authors with a broader exposure and readers with more diverse literary works.”

He added, “Indie Press, drawing strength from the vibrant community within Pratilipi, is planning to extend its publishing horizons across various formats, including comics, audiobooks, podcasts, and more. This reflects our commitment to innovation and ensuring a dynamic and inclusive platform for the literary community.”