Welbound binder powers Hindi books in Meerut

Meerut-based MH Printers and Nazim Book Binding House are creators of textbook guides, questions bank, school books. At the moment, they have a capacity to bind 20,000-30,000 books per day. The company was in the news because it installed a new model of six-clamp binder WB@2500 that are manufactured in the group company of Welbound Wolrdwide P Ltd, in Bengaluru.

22 Jan 2019 | By Sriraam Selvam

Team MH Printers with the new Welbound WB@2500 perfect binder

The perfect binder which will have live demonstrations at the Welbound stall during PrintPack 2019 (Hall 9 | Stall F3) has stand out features like - higher throughput, international safety standards, improved binding quality - through better temperature control of hotmelt glue, adjustable cover scoring, stronger cover nipping process. Plus there are control systems that provide the complete Management Information System (MIS) data on productivity, run time, and downtime.

The MH Printers was founded by Haji Mohammad Hamid Ansari and is run by his sons Haji Mohammad Azam Ansari and Mohammad Nazim Ansari. They serve the educational books market in Uttar Pradesh. Anasari said, “We are eyeing an all-India  market through Meerut thanks to our association with the UP-based educational publishers.” He added, “We try to give top quality of books on-time with no rejections. We strive to provide customer satisfaction through personalised attention to the client needs by the top management." 

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The forty-year-old printer-binder is housed in a 10,000 sqft factory and runs a lean two-shift operation during the season and binding for one shift. The group has produced Chitra Prakashan’s guides called Active in Hindi for Jiv Vigyan, Ganit, Bhautik Vigyan and Rasayanik Vigyan. This is a solid 1,200 pages perfect bound book in Hindi. “A very thick book” said Ansari. 

He explained, “The Active Hindi Guides has a thickness of of 55mm, which is beyond the specification of a machine that can handle up to 50mm spine thickness. The new machine WB@2500 which was supplied at the right time, helped us deliver these books. This was possible due to the increased productivity and the extra nipping facility.” 

Ansari is also proud of the Question Bank books which is a time bound job. And so, post-printing, the binding is rendered manually, with cold glue. Ansari said, “This year many of the printers and binding houses in Meerut could not accept the job due to the time constraint. We delivered a quantity of six-lakh books in one month’s time. Moreover, the new machine has also helped us bind very thin books comprising of one or two signatures, and books with spine as thin as 2mm with perfect finish." 

MH Printers and Nazim Book Binding House boasts of important customers like Chitra Prakashan India, Master Mind Publications and Tulsi Prakashan on its roster. This is the second Welbound in its premise. The earlier model is the WB 2000. The printing is powered by three web offset single-colour presses with a cut-off of 578mm and 508mm along with a raft of folding machines, stitching kit and three-knife trimmers.

Tarun Patel, the area sales manager Impel-Welbound said, “The Ansaris are a very hard working family. Their hardwork forms the backbone at MH. They have very loyal customers, and thanks to their never-say-no attitude and pouring all their efforts to deliver the job in time, they are have a good reputation in the market. We are glad that we could support MH in this season, with the help of the new WB@2500 installed in their premise.”

Hall 9, Stall F3