Vizag’s Om Namassivaya Xerox offering premium production with Ricoh

Visakhapatnam (Vizag), Andhra Pradesh-based Om Namassivaya Xerox has recently invested in a Ricoh Pro C7200X. The machine was supplied and installed by Monotech Systems.

10 Feb 2023 | By Rahul Kumar

K Chitti Babu (Raj) of Om Namassivaya Xerox with the Richo Pro C7200X

As the name suggests, Om Namassivaya Xerox over the last decade of its inception has been a reprographic shop known as a Xerox photocopy centre. “Opened in 2010, we are called Xerox centre for being a user of some multifunction machines from the brand,” K Chitti Babu (Raj), proprietor, Om Namassivaya Xerox, said. “Today, with the adoption of the Ricoh digital press with advanced features from Monotech Systems, our profile today is much more than just a Xerox photocopy centre.”

He added, “We are a popular commercial printing company at the Maharanipeta area in Vizag. Our location is strategic and easily accessible from all over Vizag. We deal in commercial prints of all types which we deliver to the need and demands of our customers from different market segments and all walks of life.” 

Om Namassivaya Xerox’s customers are predominantly walk-ins, including students and academicians from schools, colleges and various institutes. 

Talking about serving their customers in a special way, Raj said, “Unlike any other reprographic shop in the area, we treat students differently. We give them a discount on every single page of printouts.” 

In this context, he adds that the adoption of Ricoh Pro C7200X has fueled the company’s printing capability to deliver an increasing range of high-end graphic prints without breaking the budget of their customers whether from the academic domain or other market clusters.

Om Namassivaya Xerox serves all its customers to the fullest satisfactory level. In this, Raj said some of their customers are from the photo album printing segment. “Following the adoption of the Rioch digital press, we proudly welcome photo labs and individuals to visit us for vivid and crisp photo albums,” he added. 

The Ricoh Pro C7200X can print on a variety of substrates up to 360-gsm. Advanced features of this digital press include its fifth toner with which it can print white ink, metallic, neon and various clear and invisible colour options.

With a strong team of more than a dozen experienced staff including front desk executives as well as graphic designers and machine operators, Om Namassivaya Xerox is well-versed in meeting the deadlines and desire of premium prints of their customers. In this respect, Raj said he values the after-sales support and technical guidance of Monotech Systems on the newly installed Ricoh Pro C7200X.