Vimal Parmar spreads the joy of photography

Not every day that you get an opportunity to combine your day job along with your passion. Vimal Parmar, general manager, marketing, digital print media at TechNova Imaging Systems is a happy exception, who has found a way to marry his passion for photography with his day job of promoting digital printing.

14 Jun 2019 | By PrintWeek India

Vimal Parmar handing over a print to one of his subjects

“I have been taking photographs of street vendors and strangers on the road for quite some time now. Photography is my hobby right from my school days and I have noticed that just the process of photographing strangers brings about so much of joy for both of us. Photography, I believe, is also the medium to spread happiness. I also take the opportunity to chat about their work and life in general,” Parmar explained about his work.

For Parmar, however, a major part of spreading this happiness is handing over the hard copies of his photographs to his subject (inkjet prints on NovaJet inkjet Media).

“There are times, I am able to either mail them their photographs (yes, a hard copy) or hand them over a print on a repeat visit to that location. But in most cases, that has not been possible. Maybe next time I should carry a portable printer,” he said.

Parmar said he usually focuses on street vendors because they would otherwise never get themselves photographed at work. “They are hardworking entrepreneurs and I respect them for that,” he added. “Next month I plan to cover Chembur (as it is closer home) and go back again in a week's time to hand over the prints.”

Apart from photography and connecting with people, Parmar is also passionate about the art and science of printing. “And this process takes care of all my needs - photography, printing and connecting with people. It also helps me to share with people how important printing is.”

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