Vijayawada’s Roheetth Printers buys two Ricoh Pros

Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh-based Roheetth Printers recently invested in two Ricoh Pro digital production presses back-to-back. Both the machines were supplied and installed by Monotech Systems.

06 Oct 2023 | By Rahul Kumar

Appa Rao Puppala, proprietor of Roheetth Printers

On the back-to-back installations of the two Ricoh Pros, Appa Rao Puppala, proprietor of Roheetth Printers, said, “One month after the installation of Ricoh Pro C7200x digital colour production press, we immediately installed a Ricoh Pro 8320S monochrome digital production press. The second press was added especially for printing larger volumes of black and white documents, inside pages of on-demand books and many other applications.”

He added, “We had been using a Konica Minolta AcurioPress for some time before we made a turn in quality printing with the installations of two Ricoh Pros. The two new digital production presses have accelerated us into a new print speed and also empowered us to provide the exact print quality and texture that our customers want. In fact, these two machines from Monotech Systems are game changers for us. They have changed us to take up a new way of maintaining print quality and delivery deadlines which we have never done before.”

Established in 2001, Roheetth Printers has been a provider of creative and end-to-end graphic solutions for its customers. The company has built its stature as a cosy commercial printing centre capable of delivering exceptional graphic prints to customers across a variety of sectors and from different walks of life. 

“In order to stay ourselves in the rhythm of the changing market trends and growing needs in business, it was therefore essential for us to upgrade with some advanced digital production presses,” Puppala said. 

He added, “Productivity was paramount for us but versatility, sustainability and reliability were also the keys. That’s why we chose the Ricoh Pro digital production presses that tick all the boxes for us.” 

For high-quality colour printouts, Ricoh Pro C7200x is an ideal machine for producing graphics in the resolution of 2400x4800-dpi. It can print on a broad range of heavyweight and lightweight media up to 360-gsm at the speed of 85-ppm.

Nevertheless, Ricoh Pro 8320S is yet another marvel for monochrome printing now empowering Roheetth Printers to pull off crispy black & white prints at 136-ppm. Like Ricoh Pro C7200x, this press can also deliver prints in resolution of 2400x4800-dpi. “With these two Ricoh Pros in our production facility, which is backed by our team of more than a dozen printing professionals, we are now capable of doing anything to fulfil what our customers want,” Puppala added.