VGA Digital adds Kongsberg to increase production

Pune-based VGA Digital Printers has added a Kongsberg X24 Edge to increase its production capacity. The machine was supplied and installed by Arrow Digital.

26 Oct 2022 | By Rahul Kumar

Vyankatesh Mandke, director, VGA Digital Printers with the Kongsberg X24 Edge

Vyankatesh Mandke, director, VGA Digital Printers, said, "We have high-speed printers, and finishing has always been a hurdle. With the Kongsberg, we are confident in increasing our capabilities, which lends itself to finding more clients and increasing our production capacity. There are several finishing tables in the market, but we needed a sturdy and rugged table which can last for years. The Kongsberg's rock-solid build differentiates it from other technologies in the market.”

The X24 Edge can handle any type of application for signage, display and packaging with high production speeds and exceptional cutting quality. The best part is that it is field upgradable. 

The machine is capable of cutting a variety of substrates and is easy to use. Its various milling options match production requirements, plus accurate print-to-cut registration.

Sam Patel, CEO & MD at Arrow Digital, said the Kongsberg provides a complete spectrum of tooling to finish the entire range of media from soft to rigid substrates. The rack-and-pinion drive system offers speed, sturdiness and strength, which enables customers to finish thick or thin materials with ease. The i-cut production console offers users powerful functionality for signage, display, and packaging production. 

Mandke said, “Post-Covid, we have understood that dependency on outsourcing or manual intervention can cause a severe issue to your business. When you have a reputed clientele, you must ensure you serve them the best possible way, to stay ahead in this race. Kongsberg has given us that confidence to achieve deadlines and even to reach out to more and more corporate brands with innovative designs.”