Veritech Solutions reduces waste with Guardian OLP

Noida-based Shriram Veritech Solutions, which provides brand protection and anti-counterfeiting solutions, recently installed a new Guardian OLP offline proofing and inspection system from Baldwin Vision Systems. With this, the company has realised improved print quality, reduced inspection time, and reduced substrate and ink waste by.

05 May 2021 | By Rahul Kumar

(l-r) Rahul Rajput, quality in-charge, and Lalit Kumar Sharma, manager, of Shriram Veritech with the new Guardian OLP

Shriram Veritech offers a broad range of products such as holograms, labels, stamping foils and more, helping customers execute brand protection and enhancement strategies.

The Guardian OLP system verifies that the files used for production — or the beginning-of-run press samples — match the customer-approved master file 100%. By comparing pre-press files or scanned press sample to the customer-approved original in a matter of seconds, advanced software automatically locates and highlights even the smallest of differences in print quality. The system can compare one-up electronic files or scans to multi-up electronic files or scans, and instantly detect printing defects such as missing or extra print, pre-press errors, plate defects and colour variations.

Lalit Kumar Sharma, manager, Shriram Veritech, said, “We were looking to eliminate issues with missing and broken text and colour variations that can result in wasted time and materials. As we looked at different technology options, we chose the Guardian OLP because it is easy to operate, and was very effective at resolving these print issues. It is a fantastic system, and has added to our profitability through waste reduction and improved print quality. Our customers are happy because we have improved our inspection capabilities while at the same time reducing our inspection time — saving downtime on our printing lines.”

Raj Rana, regional sales manager for Baldwin Vision Systems, added, “The implementation of the Guardian OLP system at Shriram Veritech follows another successful installation at Pragati Graphics. The Indian print market is taking notice of the productivity gains and waste savings being realised by some of the region’s prestigious and technology-driven print facilities.”