Venkataramana Graphics unveils Vjet digital spot UV kit

Hyderabad-based Venkataramana Graphics has introduced a digital UV printer-coater Vjet, which the company claims is an ideal digital finishing kit for Indian printing firms for its affordability and speed.

03 Apr 2018 | By Rushikesh Aravkar

Venkataramana Graphics demonstrated the machine at the recently concluded PackPlus South and Print Fair in Hyderabad. The machine is available in three variants: FY-1012B, FY-1012A, and FY-1012G.

Speaking to PrintWeek India, BV Krishna Prasad, said, “The machine can handle a maximum sheet size of 42x40-inch. The three variants differ in speed with the FY-1012G offering the highest speed of 25.5 sq/m per hour. That means the machine can coat a standard 13x19-inch size sheet in 60 seconds. The coating thickness is 0.5mm”

The coating machine also doubles up as a UV printer with up to eight colour options. “The user can select either CMYKLcLm plus white configuration or opt for CMYK plus white as per the application requirement.”

It’s a manual-fed machine equipped with camera-based registration. It offers gloss, matte and satin effects for commercial and photo applications. The machine can handle range of substrates like wood, density board, glass, metal sheet, PVC and ceramic tiles among others.

According to Prasad, the price range for a basic two printhead machine starts at Rs 22-lakh.

Venkatramana Graphics has already installed a kit at Hyderabad-based Maharshi Colour Lab while the machine showcased at the show was installed at Citi Digi Press in Hyderabad.

Besides this, the company showcased Amsky platesetter and Epson Surecolor presses. Till date, the company has installed 11 Epson kits and 42 Amsky platesetters in Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Kerala of which 13 were installed in 2017.

Prasad with the Amsky platesetter