Valco Melton’s Ecostitch all-electric hotmelt system at PackPlus South

Exhibiting at PackPlus South in Hyderbad, Valco Melton showcased its Ecostich all-electric hotmelt glueing system targeting high-speed cartoning lines running at over 100 metres per minute.

19 Mar 2018 | By Rushikesh Aravkar

Ravi Kiran, director, Valco Melton Engineering India, said, “The challenge with standard hotmelt gun is that there are many moving parts. Ecostitch is an all-electric system with minimum moving parts which enables it to dispense very small adhesive dots at a high speed.”

“The packagers can benefit from additional savings including a reduction of up to 75% in adhesive usage, as well as the elimination of maintenance stops caused by pneumatic elements.”   

Ravi also spoke about Valco Melton’s Gold Stevie award-winning ClearVision PackCheck system.

He said, “The PackCheck system is deployed at the end of packaging lines. It uses thermal imaging to evaluate the heat signature of every carton and inspects whether hotmelt glue has been applied at the correct locations. The packs which fail this inspection can be rejected thereby ensuring perfectly glued cartons are sent to the market.”

Valco Melton has a strong presence in the corrugated market. It works closely with OEMs like Bobst and Emba and a host of local machinery manufacturers.

Ravi added, “Indian corrugation market is still dominated by stapling for the manufacturer’s joint. However, slowly and steadily companies are shifting to wheel glueing. The next step is dispensing systems. Plus the end customers from food and pharma companies are pushing for glueing.”

According to Ravi, Valco Melton has installed 45 glueing systems for corrugation in India, which constitutes 90% of the market share.    

In July 2016, Valco Melton acquired Italy-based Ero Srl in a bid to expand its scope of offerings to customers in the paper converting industries, including corrugated, folding carton and bag manufacturing.

With a factory in Bengaluru, Valco Melton India is also responsible for South East Asia, Middle East and South Asia markets.