UPM Raflatac to introduce solvent-free adhesives

UPM Raflatac will introduce new solvent-free adhesives under the RX adhesive family, aimed for durable labeling applications.

27 Nov 2018 | By Abhishek Muralidharan

Jouni Liskola, segment manager, UPM Raflatac, said, “The adhesives in our new RX product family provide extremely strong and enduring adhesion without resorting to solvents, which not only reduces the environmental impact of producing the labels, but also makes them a more eco-designed choice for product labeling.”

According to UPM, the adhesives have been developed for specific substrates to ensure strong bonding, durability and performance.

The RX family is made up of two high-tack products: RX15 for polar surfaces such as metal and glass, and RX18 for non-polar surfaces such as PP and PE plastics.

“With RX15 for polar surfaces like metal and glass and RX18 for non-polar surfaces like PP and PE plastics, a targeted adhesive can be chosen according to the substrate, leading to good product performance, bonding, and durability,” added Liskola.

The adhesives withstand tough conditions and are resilient to chemicals, and UV light. Furthermore, its performance is achieved without solvents, making RX adhesives a safer, more sustainable choice for labeling applications.