Unidos picks up Zund for retail and signage applications

New Delhi-based Unidos Insta Print has invested in a Zund G3 3XL 1600 digital cutting table for its corrugated displays, POS applications and show window projects.

04 May 2018 | By Sujith Ail

Rajeev Gujral, director of Unidos said, “Previously, for cutting operations we used to subcontract for the dies and other production processes. This delayed the overall production-cycle time. Now by investing in a Zund, outsourcing has been eliminated, and everything is produced in-house. This has resulted in accepting higher volume jobs and economic operations.” 

Prasanna Venkatesh, managing director of Zund India, said, “Whether you produce small runs, large runs or prototypes, Zund S3/G3/D3 Series of cutters lets you select the perfect configuration of the machine for all your production needs.

“Primary reason to invest in a Zund was its modularity in addition to its speed and precision,  also the machine is so modular that I can play around with various configurations available to suit my requirements at the site,” added Gujral. The G3 3XL 1600 has a maximum working area of 2270mm x 1600mm  and the maximum speed offered is 1414 mm/s. 

Venkatesh said, “Zund machines can be configured to meet both the current as well as future requirements of customers. It is built on a very modular platform such that our customers do not have to invest heavily during the initial stages itself.”

The Zund digital cutting table is backed with the Zund Design Centre software. It is an Adobe Illustrator plug-in for creating single- and multi-part packaging and three-dimensional POP/POS displays from folding carton, corrugated cardboard, foam board, sandwich panel, PP, PVC, and MDF.

“The beauty of Zund is that it can cut and route into almost anything apart from glass, pure metal and stone. The cutting range varies from substrate to substrate like for Acrylic and MDF we can route up to 30mm, aluminium and ACP (aluminium composite panel) up to 5mm. For other materials like sandwich boards, corrugated sheets, rubber, foam we can cut up to 60mm,” added Gujral.

Zund engineer visited the site one day before installation with a plan and in next two days setup was complete, and the machine was in operation. Zund also provided with three-day onsite training.

Established in 2001, Unidos Insta Print is a print service provider which has a facility of 8,000 sq/ft. Rajeev Gujral, director of Unidos, said, “Print makes up only a small part of our overall services. Our services consist of providing clients across all sectors within the marketing landscape.”

“We had drawn up plans to acquire more equipment and people through 2018. We are in rapid expansion mode,” concluded Gujral.

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