Uflex scoops six awards for innovation at Flexible Packaging Awards 2020

Uflex was recognised with six awards, including three golds and three silvers at the prestigious Flexible Packaging Awards 2020 hosted by Flexible Packaging Association (FPA), in USA. The awards is among the most coveted in the industry thanks to the outstanding calibre of packaging entries it receives each year, the objective and methodical judging process.

09 Mar 2020 | By Rahul Kumar

The 4D bags with handle from Uflex

Anantshree Chaturvedi, vice-chairman and CEO, FlexFilms International, said, “We are excited to have won these awards and are thankful to FPA for providing a platform that celebrates the hard work by our R&D team. As a responsible corporation, we continually strive for excellence in creating better technologies that help to save our planet, while strengthening our core competencies, paving way for our future growth potential.”

The company won the golds in shelf-impact category for its 4D bags with handle; in packaging excellence category for its FlexiTube for Bio Creative Labs (USA); and in expanding the use of flexible packaging category for FlexiTube for Bio Creative Labs (USA).

It won the silvers in sustainability category for Flex Asclepius PCR-based BOPET films; in shelf-impact category for FlexPET F-STF ultra soft super durable BOPET film; and in technical innovation for FlexiTube for Bio Creative Labs (USA).

With 4D bags, Uflex has developed a pack that has the best of both worlds. It is a brick-shaped all panel registered bag/ pouch with a handle and re-closable option, which can stand or lie on the belly. It works like flexi-cartons and is an excellent carton replacement product. The stand-ability and shelf prominence of rigid is combined with functionality of flexibles in this innovative ‘4D Pack’. All six panels of the bag are printed and can be made of different substrates. The look of the bag creates an excellent shelf appeal helping it catch immediate attention of the end-user

The three variants of Super Foods Natural Hair Care FlexiTubes for Bio Creative Labs were conceived by Uflex on the unique ABC approach applied by FlexiTubes. These tubes provide 360 degrees printing with soft matte finish and excellent reproduction of graphic images. The gold metallic lines on the tubes are created with the use of holographic layer, thus eliminating the use of foil stamping process. 

As part of its commitment towards sustainability, FlexFilms offers an entire range of PCR grade film with up to 90% post-consumer recycled PET content under the brand name Asclepius. FlexFilms’ Asclepius film technology is a family of plain, treated, coated, high barrier and heat-sealable BOPET films based on 90% PCR polymer content. This film represents a 75% reduction in carbon footprint versus virgin BOPET grades and has the same properties as its twin substrate derived from fossil fuel. This film made out of PCR content is put to use in labels and packaging, thus creating a circular economy.

The FlexPET F-STF ultra soft super durable BOPET film exhibits exceptional scratch, heat and scuff resistance giving a unique and luxurious feel.  The surface is self-healing from most scuffing and is optimally durable. The F-STF film exhibits low gloss, excellent matte homogeneity with high haze (>90%) and very high contact (see-through) clarity. This implies that the film can be readily reverse printed to impart deep and rich graphic images. This film is FDA compliant for a range of uses making it further unique.