UFlex continues to gain momentum in product innovation

UFlex continues to be a forerunner in product innovation and R&D to provide customised solutions to brand owners across industries. In the quarter ended 30 September 2022, UFlex launched a wide range of solutions across business segments to meet the ever-changing needs of its customers.

16 Nov 2022 | By Rahul Kumar

Flexcure Nutri series represents a new generation radical mechanism designed especially for food packaging, pharmaceutical and hygiene applications

Summary of product innovations by UFlex in the quarter ended 30 September 2022.

Flexible Packaging

Henna paste pack for Nat Habit: Organic natural products formulated without preservatives require quality packaging structure to preserve their quality and freshness for long. The absence of preservatives in a product can reduce its shelf life. To address this requirement, the flexible packaging business division of UFlex has developed a special high-barrier packaging format that prevents degradation and preserves the natural properties of such products while increasing their shelf life. Nat Habit, a startup in the natural beauty and wellness space, required a packaging solution for its natural preservative-free henna paste. UFlex created a unique stand-up, centre-seal pouch with a side gusset. This pouch provides ultra-high barrier against moisture, gases, UV rays, and assures protection to the natural ingredients of the henna paste. It extends the shelf life of the product by preventing it from oxidative degeneration and delays bacterial growth, thus preventing it from contamination. 

MPP and WPP large packaging bags: UFlex has pioneered the art of developing WPP bags. Taking note of this capability, Terasol, a large player in agriculture products, approached the UFlex team to develop a packaging solution with added security features that not just gives a facelift to the pack but also prevents it from security risks during transit. With extensive research, the UFlex flexible packaging research team developed a packaging structure with MPP/polypropylene (extru) to pack the water-soluble Terasol fertiliser. The packaging structure of a block bottom pouch with a seal of quality via hot foil stamping was well received by the brand. The packaging structure has successfully passed mechanical tests and delivers on the aesthetics requirements of the brand.

Chemicals business

Patent for solvent-free pigmented white adhesive: The UFlex chemicals business has been awarded a patent for solvent-free pigmented white adhesive ─ an innovative, environment-friendly energy saving product. The present disclosure relates to a two-component adhesive composition and the process for its preparation. The adhesive composition of the present disclosure is solvent-free and works well on existing solvent less lamination machines. It helps reduce the use of white ink, thus significantly reducing white ink’s cost. As a result, consumers get the freedom to have a green and cost-effective adhesive. 

Flexseal Ecocoat: With an increase in on-the-go consumption, the need for packaging structures and containers for instant consumption is gaining momentum. However, since the conventional formats suffered from shortcomings such as non-compatibility with the temperature of food and beverage, the need for a solution that supports such structures was long felt by large beverage brands. Taking note of the gap, the UFlex chemicals business division has developed Flexseal Ecocoat, an eco-friendly aqueous dispersion application coating specially designed for the inner side of paper cups as a replacement for PE coating. This product offers excellent heat-seal properties. This coating is primarily used on paper-board for paper cups via gravure or an air knife application process. Besides offering added convenience to consumers, it also contributes to sustainability by enabling easy recycling of paper products, post consumption.

Flexcure sheetfed Bio series for offset application (with >40% BRC): Every brand seeks to impart high visual appeal to their products. UFlex consistently develops newer and advanced solutions that allow brands to stand out by offering them a variety of options in printing solutions to enhance the visibility of their products. The Flexcure Sheetfed Bio series represents a new generation of UV inks for offset printing especially designed using high bio-renewable content ingredients. This series provides an environment-friendly alternative to standard UV offset ink. It is a low odour ink series and is well suited for all kinds of paper and board substrates.

Flexcure low migration Nutri Series for aseptic packaging: Flexcure Nutri series represents a new generation radical mechanism designed especially for food packaging, pharmaceutical and hygiene applications demanding low migration and odour. It can be applied to a wide range of plastic materials and other substrates (lacquered aluminium). It is suitable for processing with all in-line types of UV Flexo label or packaging printing. These inks are suitable only for use in the non-food contact side of food packaging, provided that they are applied using the relevant GMP and as per guidelines mentioned in the TDS.

Holographic business

Sustainability in textile products: As brands consciously embrace sustainability, many companies actively seek to develop products which have minimal impact on the environment. Customers expect brands to take responsible decisions and move toward a circular economy. One of the leading fashion and clothing brands in the world was looking to procure BPA (Bisphenol A) free sequins material from India for textile applications. UFlex catered to this large requirement through a leading exporter, meeting the stringent international test requirements and approvals for an overseas customer, a first from an Indian company. 

High-end security solutions in pharma packaging: Increased awareness of the dangers of duplication has led pharmaceutical companies to explore anti-counterfeiting solutions to preserve the integrity and safety of products. Easy visual detection to determine the authenticity of the product is the first line of defence against such spurious duplication. UFlex’s Holography division has developed a High Reflex Index Film with an extremely high metallic sheen for the surface of the packed cartons, to address this vital requirement of its pharma customers. An essential feature of this film is the customer logo which is embedded; it does not disappear even under heat and pressure applied during the post-lamination processing operations.

Flexible Packaging films Business

High barrier BOPET film F-AFR-M: In order to meet the exceptional barrier requirements for oxygen and moisture sensitive products, such as milk powder, coffee packaging or beverage packaging, the Flexible Packaging Films business division of UFlex has developed a barrier BOPET film, F-AFR-M, with metallisation on one side and the option of corona treatment on the other side. F-AFR-M offers metal bond strength of more than 600gm/25mm that allows easy handling and machinability. Owing to its high oxygen and moisture barrier properties and easy recyclability, the film has emerged as a successful replacement for aluminium foil used in dried packaging application, enabling brands to step closer to their sustainability goals.

Special Recognition Awards

The UFlex chemicals business division has been conferred with a Certificate of Appreciation award by the National Safety Council of India Safety Awards during 2018-2020. This has been awarded in recognition for appreciable achievement in occupational safety and health.

UFlex received 18 awards at the IFCA Star Awards 2022 for global recognition for excellence in innovations and creativity.

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