UFlex commissions BOPET films plant in Nigeria

UFlex has commissioned a BOPET film manufacturing plant in the Ogun State of Nigeria with a production capacity of 45,000 TPA. Spread over 37 acres, the plant houses first-of-its-kind 10.6-m wide BOPET film line in Africa and also has two metallisers with a total production of 15,000 TPA. The plant, which created over 200 direct jobs, is set to cater to the packaging film demand coming from the fast-growing economy of Nigeria, ECOWAS (Western Africa) and USA.

08 Nov 2021 | By Rahul Kumar

The interiors of the plant in Nigeria

In the quarter July-August-September 2021, UFlex also added a fleet of new value-added products and solutions products to its portfolio that not just help its customers’ products stand out on the retail shelves but also helps brands extend an overall elevated packaging and consumption experience.

Flexible packaging business

High-barrier mono-material recyclable bag for snack packaging for KIMS: In order to make the brands stay relevant as well as sustainable in the snacks segment, the flexible packaging business of UFlex has developed a heavy-duty mono-material bag for Danish brand KIMS for its snacks packaging segment for the European market. The high-barrier packaging is made of mono-material under polypropylene extreme and bears recyclable ‘logo 5’ mark enabling easy recycling in the existing polypropylene recycling streams while ensuring that the snack packed remains fresh as ever.

MOPE-based mono-polymer recyclable bag for large quantity rice packaging for EBRO: UFlex has developed a new MOPE/PE recyclable structure with registered matt coating and special PE mono-polymer-based laminate film for EBRO rice brand Peacock. The newly-developed structure for rice packaging possesses similar mechanical and other properties allowing easy recyclability of PE in conventional extruder and can be easily run on existing packaging line with minor adjustments. This development has cleared all tests related to handling, post filling of the pack content, and has successfully fulfilled required barrier properties throughout the defined shelf life of the packed rice thus positioning itself as a suitable packaging application for large quantities.

50% higher barrier PET film structure for Asal Coin Parota: Frozen and refrigerated food needs a special barrier structure to pack the food content such that it doesn’t lose it integrity even months after opening it. Customising the requirement for the brand Milky Mist, UFlex has developed a three-side sealed pouch packaging structure to pack Asal Coin Parota through use of a special high barrier PET film that increases the barrier properties by 50% under ambient conditions and allows the parota to stay fresh for a longer duration.

Value-added packaging in two sizes for Fidele pet food: For most pet food buyers, what drives consumers decision is a host of factors including convenience, portability and ergonomics; product safety and freshness; transparency in product descriptions and clean labels; sustainability and recycling; and above all getting best value for their money. With this in focus, UFlex has developed two packaging sizes of 3-kg and 12-kg to pack pet food for the brand Fidele. Its packaging structure comprises of specialised matt finished PET polyester and its pocket slider allows reclose-ability thereby adding to consumer’s convenience. The side gusset handle in the 3-kg variant helps easy carrying and pouring whereas the 12-kg variant comes with bottom pinch pasting allowing multi-dimensional display thus helping the brand to leverage as much branding opportunity as it can and make it stand out on the retail shelves.

Transparent high-barrier laminate sachet to pack dairy whitener for Namaste India Foods: To enhance the ease attached with use of dairy whitener, UFlex has manufactured a transparent high-barrier laminate to pack 26-gms of Gold Standard Dairy Whitener for Namaste India Foods. The packaging structure allows the brand owner to showcase the product through a see-through window and at the same time provide the barrier required for packaged dairy whitener.

Cylinders business

Flexo KodakNX printing plates for improved print quality: The cylinders business has started in-house manufacturing of Flexo KodakNX printing plates that are popular worldwide owing to their excellent print quality. Flexo KodakNX printing plates are the preferred choice for flexo printing jobs due to laser square spot exposure technology. Its perfect flat top dots with no oxidation of polymer helps printers achieve higher consistency for printing applications. These plates complement with a variety of inks including water-based inks and solvent-free inks; and allows easy printing on all types of substrates. It is due to its print efficiency and compatibility with sustainable inks that the converters, printers and brand owners are able to enjoy supreme quality print impression while simultaneously stepping closer to their sustainability goals.

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