Tupperware to eliminate single-use plastic

Tupperware India has announced that it is set to eliminate single-use plastic materials from its manufacturing process. The materials will be substituted by 100% recyclable paper-based compostable packaging materials.

03 Oct 2019 | By Abhishek Muralidharan

The substitute recyclable packaging material has passed all safety tests

Deepak Chhabra, managing director, Tupperware India, said, “We are pleased to see that our consistent effort towards eliminating the use of single-use plastics has found a strong voice in the government, with our Prime Minister giving out a clarion call on the elimination of single-use plastics from India. Today, there is huge awareness around the need to switch over from single-use plastics to environmentally friendly alternatives. Our global vision ‘No time to waste’ is also aimed at significantly reducing plastic and food waste through product innovation, packaging reduction, operational goals and strategic partnerships.”

The initiative is in tandem with Tupperware’s recently announced global vision ‘No time to waste’. With the elimination of single-use plastic material, the brand’s cost of manufacturing will go up by seven per cent, which will be absorbed internally by the company itself.

“Tupperware invests heavily into research and development. Be it the selection of raw material, our design methodology, high precision moulds or the complete packaging, every nuance is given due importance,” added Chhabra.

According to Tupperware, the 100% recyclable packaging material has passed all safety tests conducted across India, Brazil and Indonesia. And it has been thoroughly researched and stringently tested with pilot projects.

The new packaging material will ensure product safety in climatic conditions across locations, including warehouses, point of sale outlets and even in transit. The packaging is food contact safe, humidity-proof and it protects the products from dust and scratches throughout the logistics cycle. Tupperware is one of the few global brands which offer a lifetime warranty to its consumers.

“We believe that it is a corporate’s responsibility to invest time, energy, effort and resources in building a better and sustainable tomorrow,” he concluded.

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