Tirupati's Aarvi Digitals gets Fujifilm Revoria

Tirupati-based Aarvi Digitals has invested in a Fujifilm Revoria EC 1100, which was unveiled at Print Expo, Chennai in September. The machine was supplied and installed by Insight Print Communications.

01 Dec 2023 | By Charmiane Alexander

The Fujifilm Revoria EC 1100 at Aarvi Digitals

Radhakrishna, proprietor of Aarvi Digitals, comes with over 25 years of experience in printing, catering to clients from a myriad of industries. His expertise spans the domains of design, editing, and creativity. Now, Aarvi Digital aspires to revolutionise the way Tirupati engages with the world, empowering small and medium businesses with premium promotional materials of the highest quality.

The company’s production unit currently has Tamis Flex, Epson Surecolour, Grando UV, Cutter, Spot UV, UV Flatbed, Laser and post-production set up with over 35 manpower strength. 

Radhakrishna said, “As we've been in the sign and display industry, our pursuit to become the go-to solution for corporate brands led us to seek a print-on-demand solution. In our quest for the ideal fit, the Fujifilm Revoria EC 1100 stood out, aligning seamlessly with our quality standards and business needs.

The Fujifilm Revoria EC 1100 boasts a high-performance print engine, capable of printing at a remarkable speed of 100 pages per minute. This exceptional machine can effortlessly handle a mix of coated and uncoated paper types, minimizing downtime when transitioning between them. Furthermore, it excels in providing optimal image quality adjustments when switching paper types.

What’s more, this versatile machine can efficiently handle long paper sizes of up to 330x1200-mm at a speed of 16 pages per minute, thanks to its air suction feeder. The Revoria EC 1100 is designed to deliver a matte finish print that rivals the quality of traditional offset printing, making it a perfect choice for the offset segment. 

Additionally, it ensures the secure and precise handling of each sheet, thanks to the shuttle head with air suction technology. This innovation significantly improves paper feeding performance, even when dealing with low-quality, textured, or coated media.

Revoria EC 1100 stands out by delivering exceptional print quality at 2,400-dpi and 10-bit precision and smooth gradation. What's more, it includes a cooling unit as a standard feature, eliminating the need for customers to make additional purchases, ultimately saving on costs and enhancing efficiency.

Ajay Aggarwal, MD & CEO at Insight Print Communication said, “We are thrilled with the incredible response to the Fujifilm Revoria PC 1120 from our customers all across India. We take great pride in our ability to provide timely service support and ensure customer satisfaction. With the introduction of the EC 1100, we are poised to expand even further in the POD segment. Our confidence in the continuation of this legacy lies in our first few installations, which is crucial for setting the tone of future success. We are glad that this first installation is happening at Aarvi Digital, as we believe their expertise and dedication will result in the best possible output from this press.”

Radhakrishna added, “Numerous features of this press immediately captivated our attention. Foremost among them is the impressive print versatility, enabling us to produce 1.2-m sheets. This capability empowers us to craft eight-page A4 accordion fold brochures or landscape booklets, adding a new dimension to our offerings.”

He added, “The inline sensor functionality plays a pivotal role in maintaining consistently high image quality, effectively reducing operator involvement, and eliminating potential operational challenges. This innovation not only saves valuable operator time but also ensures trouble-free operations, allowing us to focus on delivering top-notch results.”

Crafted with a strong commitment to sustainability, the Fujifilm Revoria EC 1100 proudly upholds exceptionally high energy efficiency standards, outperforming its counterparts in power consumption. Its environmentally conscious design makes a substantial contribution to resource conservation, setting it apart as a powerful choice in the market both in terms of sustainability and saving cost.