Thomson Press, Orient Color Art install Shoei folding machines

Delhi-based Thomson Press and Sivakasi-based Orient Color Art Printers have installed two and one brand new Shoei Combi-32 KLL Series paper folding machines, respectively. The machine comes with a built-in automatic double bundler system for both 16- and 32-page sections.

08 Aug 2019 | By Sriraam Selvam

“We are very happy to tell you that Thomson Press is running 13 Shoei folders in its Faridabad and Noida plants, while Orient is running three machines to meet the increasing demand for books and magazines,” said S Kannan of Suprabhat, the exclusive distributor for Shoei in India since 1978.

Shoei Combi Series is a combination with buckle plate and knife folder ideal for production of 16- and 32-pages book signatures, manufactured in paper widths of 66-, 74-, 82-, 97-, 112-cm and speed of 180-m/min.

“One of the key features of these machines is the built-in automatic bundling system, which ensures that they can be operated by a single operator with his focus only on the infeed of paper pallets, removing the bundled signatures and checking the end product,” said Kannan.

“Shoei’s patented feeder can handle curled stocks and thin papers smoothly, because the sheet separator holds the tail end of the sheets firmly to the stock and does not allow the top sheets to float. This eliminates double sheets during high speeds suction pull-out wheel operation,” he added.