The importance of sustainability, Jaideep Gokhale of Tetra Pak

Sustainability is the prime focus of every company at the moment. While the government and corporations are taking the necessary steps to adhere to the global norms, it is a responsibility for everyone in the supply chain to take the right step, said Jaideep Gokhale, vice-president, sustainability, Asia Pacific, Tetra Pak.

23 Apr 2022 | By Mansi Gupta

Jaideep Gokhale, vice-president, sustainability, Tetra Pak

Gokhale said, "Sustainability issues are increasingly at the fore. As a result, we have nations and corporations repurposing their agendas. But is it only the corporations and governments that hold responsibility?” Gokhale asked.  

He added, “It’s important that you and I, as consumers, remind ourselves that we have incredible freedom of choice, but also a big responsibility through our actions.”

The main takeaway of Gokhale’s LinkedIn post was to exhort the public and civil society to take charge. He even asked for educational reforms to help citizens of all age groups understand the subject.

He ended his post by asking, what we should do and where we should start.

Tetra Pak has been co-investing with recycling partners around the world. As a result, an extra 1.4 billion carton packages are expected to be recycled each year ensuring all components are given a new lease of life. In 2015, the first fully-renewable package was born. Sustainability has always been at the forefront of Tetra Pak's innovation drive, that’s why the company launched the world’s first carton made entirely from plant-based materials: the Tetra Rex plant-based package