Tetra Pak, Paper Boat launch holographic packaging Reflect

In partnership with Paper Boat, Tetra Pak has introduced a holographic packaging called Reflect to help F&B brands add new dimensions to its packs.

09 Aug 2019 | By Abhishek Muralidharan

Reflect will be seen on Tetra Prisma Aseptic packs of Paper Boat’s Alphonso Aamras and Pomegranate flavours

Saumya Tyagi, director marketing, Tetra Pak South Asia, said, “The Tetra Pak Index 2018 reveals that customisation and personalisation of products will be the key differentiators for brands. With its holographic effect, Tetra Pak Reflect puts our customer’s brand in the spotlight, making it a true attention-grabber, with a great overall drinking experience.”

The packs are designed to fit perfectly in consumers’ hands to provide a comfortable drinking experience. The first implementation of the holographic packaging will be seen on Tetra Prisma Aseptic (330ml) packs offering Paper Boat’s Alphonso Aamras and Pomegranate flavours.

“Packaging is a critical stimulus for consumers at the point of purchase, be it eCommerce or retail. Brand owners are looking for options that will help their packaging stand out from the others,” said Tyagi.

The Paper Boat holographic packs will be available for Rs 50 through the eCommerce platform Grofers, and through institutional channels such as BB Instant (Big Basket’s vending platform), hotels, restaurants, multiplexes, and travel retail outlets across the country.

Neeraj Kakkar of Hector Beverages said, “Paper Boat as a brand has always stood out from the crowd through its product and packaging innovations. Tetra Pak Reflect is a very exciting innovation and with the holographic packs, we have the chance to create an added ‘wow’ effect among consumers, and further strengthen our visual identity.”

The holographic set of packs is designed to suit facial geometry and facilitate optimum control of beverage flow.

This new effect is part of a suite of Tetra Pak’s packaging material effects, known as Artistry, launched to help F&B producers revitalise the look and feel of their products. “The effects will help brands attract shoppers’ attention with no manufacturer to switch to a new packaging format or invest in new equipment,” added Tyagi.