TechNova opens new markets with Aleyant’s suite of cloud-based software

US-based Aleyant, a specialist in cloud-based software solutions has made a formal announcement that it has signed TechNova Imaging Systems to resell its suite of cloud-based software. The software which TechNova will offer to the Indian market includes web-to-print (W2P) software Pressero, tFLOW, eDocBuilder, PrintJobManager as well as their automated workflow integrator.

21 May 2018 | By Noel D'Cunha

TechNova is one of the leading suppliers of imaging solutions for the graphic communication industry in India since 1971.

Explaining that the time is right to accelerate web-to-print solution in India, S Swarnangka, chief marketing officer at TechNova, said, “Last year, a new telecom company entered the Indian market, drastically changing the landscape with reduced data rates and better connectivity, making web-to-print more attractive here. We examined several options to enable us to be able to offer web-to-print solutions to our customers, and we found Aleyant to be the most robust offering in the market.”

Aleyant has successfully installed its Pressero W2P software at Parksons Graphics in April 2017, and in April this year TechNova installed the W2P at Dhote Offset in Mumbai. “Aleyant Pressero is an outstanding and affordable web-to-print solution. Besides it also can be used as a vendor management tool,” said Swarnangka.

Implementing W2P in an operation can offer a print company access to alternative routes to market as well as streamline its business, but an inefficient back-end workflow can be disastrous. “If your web-to-print offering is a success you will receive a larger volume of orders, and many of those orders are often smaller. You really have to think through how a job flows through your shop and make it as efficient and automated as possible,” said Swarnangka.

This is where Aleyant’s solutions such as tFLOW, eDocBuilder, PrintJobManager as well as their automated workflow integrator come into play. Swarnangka said, “It can help our graphic communications customers position themselves to efficiently and profitably handle a web-to-print job stream.”

Dhote Offset is a commercial printer with offset operation, but who brought in digital printing to address the needs of short-run jobs for the retail industry it caters to.

“Pressero now allows him to efficiently support large retail customers as well as smaller retail operations,” said Swarnangka, adding “Especially for larger retail customers, Pressero not only makes it easier to submit and track print jobs, but also allows the retail customer to track other vendors involved in complicated projects such as new store openings or launching promotions across several stores.”

Among the other key selling points for the Aleyant software are the speed of website implementation and a team of Aleyant team of developers in India who are readily available for complex customisation, among others.

Swarnangka concluded, “When we present Pressero to customers, we want to give them a personalized experience. We want them to understand how easy it is to customize Pressero to give their customers the kind of unique experience they want them to have. Because we can rapidly get a prototype site up and running, our sales presentations are much more impactful. As a result, we are getting a very positive reception as we show the Aleyant solutions to our base.”