TechNova launches PhotoSelect

With about 10-million weddings being celebrated in India annually and close to 5,000 digital photographs being clicked at each wedding, it is no wonder that the most daunting task for any wedding photographer and his client is organising, sorting and selecting the best photographs for printing a wedding album. Having worked closely with professional and amateur photographers and print service providers, who print the photo albums for decades, TechNova, one of the largest suppliers of the wide range digital print media, has launched a revolutionary solution to overcome this challenge — PhotoSelect.

02 Aug 2021 | By Rahul Kumar

As the name suggests, PhotoSelect is a photo selection software that not only helps a photographer to manage and organise thousands of photographs under multiple projects, but also makes it easy for the clients and their multiple family members to select their favourite photographs at the time of their convenience and on the device of their choice, be it a laptop, desktop, tablet or a smartphone.

PhotoSelect software is an easy-to-use tool with very powerful features that enable the photographer and the client to seamlessly interact and select the photographs for inclusion in the printed photobook.

PhotoSelect ensures complete security for the photographer’s work by allowing them to add their unique watermark to each photograph, preventing unauthorised and unwanted use of any photograph.

With PhotoSelect software, the photographers will now be able easily manage multiple projects. This will help print service providers get more print volume as many albums remain in digital form for the lack of this tool. The album printing also marks the financial closure of the assignments resulting in better cash flow for print service providers as well as photographers.