TechNova joins hands with Indus Analytics

TechNova aims to reach 5,000 customers in 1,000 days with the newly-formed alliance with ERP solutions provider Indus Analytics.

17 Jul 2020 | By Aultrin Vijay

(l-r) Shreerang Joshi and Parmeshwar Patidar

TechNova and Indus Analytics have created a partnership to extend the scope of the latter's ERP solution pan-India. The alliance comes at a time when the world is facing a significant shift in business processes going digital owing to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

Shreerang Joshi, COO (channel sales) of TechNova told PrintWeek that endorsements by customers, who have found value in Indus Print ERP have facilitated in forging this alliance.

He said the Indian print community has been experiencing various ERP solutions, some indigenously developed, and some marketed by multinationals. However, the needs of the Indian printer are quite unique in many ways, some of which are region-specific. "This requires customisation and hand-holding through the initial stages of deployment. The industry has been lacking a long-term approach in this direction."

Explaining the reason to prefer Indus Analytics over other ERP players in the market, Joshi said: "Indus Analytics brings with it years of expertise and customised deployments at multiple sites, which gives them the unique advantage to productise the solution and replicate it in a fast-paced manner. TechNova’s customer relationships and market reach complemented by Indus’s expertise can bridge this gap and help printers streamline operations and drive the change that is obvious for all the not-so-desired reasons."

Although TechNova has been supplying pre-media and workflow software, Joshi sees the new alliance as more like an extension to TechNova’s existing portfolio rather than an addition.

"Workflow integration solutions remain a core focus for TechNova for the commercial and newspaper markets. If Agfa’s Apogee and Arkitex range of solutions addresses the production side of automation requirements, ERP takes care of the business processes. Therefore, it is apt to say that the introduction of Indus Print ERP solutions is more an extension rather than an addition to our existing portfolio," said Joshi.

"Various industry forums during the pandemic have stressed upon the need to eliminate waste in whatever form, automate processes with faster adoption of technology and the need for transparency and clarity in communication. The current crisis is forcing print service providers to re-look at their businesses and explore means to cut corners while considering avenues for diversification. With the introduction of Indus Print, TechNova makes an attempt to address this pressing priority for the print community," he added.

Meanwhile, Parmeshwar Patidar of Indus Analytics described his company's USP vis-à-vis other ERP players is the ability to adapt and configure the software as per the requirement of the printer. Also, the ERP has a one-size-fits-all model, which means a single software can be used for offset (sheetfed & web), folding carton, flexo and corrugation segments.

The Indus Print ERP, which has seen over 77 software installations since its inception, is also equipped with artificial intelligence for added flexibility, Patidar added.

Explaining the company's strategy to penetrate the market further, Joshi said, "Team TechNova has a connection with every printer across the country and understands their requirements. They have undergone an in-depth training on business automation solutions by Indus Analytics and will play the role of a perfect bridge between Indus Analytics and every customer across the country."

"We wish to remain committed in the long run – as a sales and service partner, while at the same time constantly endeavour to enrich the solution based on customer feedback and evolving market needs in terms of technology and direction," he added.

TechNova’s marketing strategies are what impressed Indus Analytics so much. "TechNova's strong marketing and support team will allow us to reach pan India," said Patidar.

He said the vision of providing a solution instead of selling a product is what he found in common between the two companies.

While scalability of products and company is certainly one of the benefits Indus will be reaping from the alliance, Patidar said the partnership will also help his company become the numero uno solution provider in the print industry.

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