TCPL’s Haridwar plant adds a Cron thermal platesetter

TCPL has installed a new eight-up Cron TP4632G+ thermal platesetter at its Haridwar plant to support its print production, powered by five sheetfed offset presses. In August 2019, TCPL had installed one of the longest presses in India at its Haridwar plant, the Koeing & Bauer 106 is a specially configured press – a seven-colour, coater, dryer, eighth colour unit, coater, and dryer in.

23 Aug 2021 | By Noel D'Cunha

Team TCPL at Haridwar plant

Before the Cron buy, TCPL’s Haridwar plant fired around 100 to 120 plates per day using the FFEI violet-based platesetter.

TCPL has been operating in Haridwar since 2005, and has two plants in Haridwar.

TCPL’s chairman and managing director Saket Kanoria said, his company was looking for a new technology for its high-tech plants and opted for thermal because of its superior quality. “After installing the new Cron thermal platesetter we could see almost zero rejection due to high-quality thermal imaging.” The Haridwar plant produces around 3,000 plates using the new Cron platesetter.

Among the features which impressed Kanoria was the imaging done by individual lasers that can be changed or moved, greatly reducing the cost of maintenance and virtually eliminating downtime. “The laser scanning system is on a linear magnetic drive which gives more accurate motion control and eliminates banding, as opposed to other lead screw technology which requires grease and constant maintenance,” said Kanoria. He added, “Also, perfect registration and the higher output resolutions up to 9,600 dpi are available if required in the future.”

TCPL opted for the punch option which is placed right inside of the Cron, eliminating the need to buy a punch unit separately.

The Cron platesetter has been installed by Mumbai-based Nippon Color, one of the Cron representatives in India. Jayant Pardiwala and his son Akshat manage Nippon Color. “All our thermal platesetters have been supplied by them and we share an old relationship with the Pardiwala family,” said Kanoria.

The TCPL installation of Cron platesetter comes close on the heels of Cron installations by Nippon at Award Offset, Rukson Packaging, Meera Offset, Sheth Impressions, Saroj Art Printers, Spectrum Packaging, Jash Packaging, and Orient Press.

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