Tasty Dairy opts for Noluma light protection technology

Kanpur-based milk producer, Tasty Dairy Specialties, has partnered with US-based Noluma International, to certify its packaging shields dairy's nutrients and taste from deterioration due to light.

14 Dec 2019 | By Abhishek Muralidharan

Atul Mehra, chairman, Tasty Dairy Specialties, said, "At Tasty Dairy, we are committed to providing high-quality, clean, healthy, safe and nutritious food products to our consumers. All our efforts are devoted toward continual improvement in the quality of products, processes, systems and services to achieve the highest standards of quality in everything we do. When consumers see the Noluma logo on a Tasty dairy brand, they'll know that they're buying a product with extended freshness, maximised nutritional qualities, and consistent original taste."

Noluma specialises in light protection technology, which enables brands to extend their sensory shelf life by guiding their products to an optimal point of light protection, at which contents cease to change its properties.

It uses a known marker ingredient in the contents of a test package, exposing it to intense light that replicates two weeks of exposure in just two hours. This testing allows manufacturers to better understand the vulnerabilities of their packaging.

Divya Chopra, president and CEO, Noluma International, said, “Noluma is proud to partner with Tasty Dairy to raise awareness in India around the impact of light exposure and certify that their dairy packaging is protecting from light damage. Tasty Dairy is setting a new benchmark for the global dairy industry by better preserving the high quality of their products with equally high-quality packaging."

Noluma allows the integration of its logo to packaging, if the company has achieved a gold standard for light protection through Noluma’s certification.