Supreme Offset opts for Kodak Trendsetter

Greater Noida-based Supreme Offset has invested in a Kodak Trendsetter thermal CTP. The machine was supplied and installed by Insight Print Communications.

28 Dec 2022 | By Rahul Kumar

Supreme Offset added the Kodak Trendsetter for in-house plate production to handle complex jobs

“There is no alternative to the Kodak CTP for the superior performance and strong service and support from Insight Print Communications. All other options were ruled out by us as either the CTP were from brands that are unreliable or there was an issue with service support,” Shivkumar, owner of Supreme Offset, said.

Established in 1982, Supreme Offset started with hand feed machines and manual printing. In 2005, the company relocated to Greater Noida with the expansion of its facility to a 30,000-sqft area and more than 100 employees working round the clock. 

Today, the company has a complete in-house facility for designing, processing, printing, binding, fabrication of packaging materials, etc. 

Shivkumar said the Kodak Trendsetter thermal CTP with processor has been added for in-house printing plate production to handle complex jobs. “The competition is extremely stiff, and we need to have the edge in terms of quality and in turn achieve complete client satisfaction,” he said.

Kodak Trendsetter gives throughput of 43 plates per hour at standard resolution of 2,400x1,200-dpi which can go to a high-resolution option of up to 4,800-dpi. It has a small footprint and a powerful thermal imaging head for maximum productivity with Kodak Sonora XP Process Free Plates. Fast throughput, reliability, and stable, high-quality thermal imaging of the Kodak Trendsetter CTP can help you exceed your customers’ expectations, efficiently and affordably.

“Quality with Kodak’s SquareSpot imaging technology is proven worldwide. Inferior quality during plate making cascades into heavy wastage and losses during printing. Various technologies like temperature compensation and automatic laser alignment on contour areas will reduce unnecessary wastage, faster makeready and higher productivity on the press. We also found out that Kodak uses much less power consumption compared to competitive CTP options, reducing our cost of operation,” Girish Kumar, owner, Supreme Offset, said.

“More than 1,000 CTPs are running successfully in India and Kodak Trendsetter thermal CTP has prevailed over more than two decades. Many technologies like Violet and CTCP became popular for a short while – but no one could take the number 1 spot of Kodak.  And with Sonora processless plate solution, Kodak Trendsetter has left the competition far behind. Customers are still using CTPs bought 15 years ago and still feel no need to replace,” Ajay Aggarwal, MD & CEO at Insight Print Communications, said.